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NS International Lounges - Regus Express

In the NS International Lounges - Regus Express, you can relax and prepare for your meeting or presentation in peace.

Benefits of the NS International Lounges

The NS International Lounge is a comfortable place to work or surf the Internet, meet with clients or just wait for your train. An ideal business location at the station, furnished with every convenience.

  • You can relax and wait for your connection, enjoy a beverage, work or read a newspaper in a contemporary ambiance.
  • Free WiFi access.
  • Upon display of your NS-Business Card, you may also bring one extra guest to the lounge.

Free access to the NS International Lounge – Regus Express

The following cards/tickets give you free access to the lounge:

  • 1st class international ticket (inc. Interrail 1st class)
  • ThalysTheCard Gold, Platinum and Platinum+
  • ThalysTheCard Silver with a 1st class ticket

Your ticket or card must be valid on the day of your visit to the NS International Lounge.

Booking the Lounge without a card or ticket

If you do not have one of the aforementioned cards or tickets you can still use the NS International Lounge – Regus Express. The entry price is € 6 per hour or € 12 per day. NS-Business Card holders receive a discount on this entry price: € 5 per hour or € 10 per day. Payments to use the lounge or meeting rooms can only be made by PIN card.

Discount for NS-Business Card holders

NS-Business Card holders can receive an Enterprise Membership discount on the entry price: € 5 per hour or € 10 per day. In this case, you can also pay for the use of the lounges and meeting rooms by PIN card.

Booking a meeting room in Amsterdam of Rotterdam

You can book the meeting rooms by sending an email to the relevant location:

Booking at Schiphol

You can book meeting rooms at Schiphol by calling: 088 671 1098 or sending an email to: