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New OV-fiets bicycles on the way

In order to meet the rising demand for OV-Fiets bicycles, we have ordered another 4,000 OV-fietsen. The first 750 have already been delivered to the new Utrecht Stationsplein bicycle storage facility, and the rest will be delivered to the locations throughout the country where the need is greatest.

Various improvements

The most important improvements to the new bicycle are:

  • A lightweight aluminium frame with an integrated headlight.
  • An improved saddle adjuster.
  • A more spacious baggage rack.

Bicycle test: passengers satisfied with new model

The bicycles were supplied based on the OV-fiets test that was conducted in October with our passengers. Participants in the test thought that the new bicycle was stable, comfortable, easy to steer and easy to pedal. Many testers also thought that the bicycle's design was attractive.