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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about Park + Ride, this page provides the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get the traveller's discount?

    This special daily rate applies in combination with a train journey on the same day, for which you check in and out using your OV-chipkaart. This rate applies to train journeys with NS and all other carriers. When leaving the parking site, first scan your OV-chipkaart. The discount will be calculated, and you can then make your payment. If you plan to park for several days, you can also receive a discount as long as you leave the P+R site on the same day as your return train journey.

  • Which types of OV-chipkaart give me the best traveller's discount?

    You can receive the special daily rate with the following types of OV-chipkaart: Personal OV-chipkaart or NS-Business Card, an Anonymous OV-chipkaart and a single-use chipkaart (train card purchased from the ticket machine). 

  • I have not reached the daily rate - am I eligible for the traveller's discount?

    No. The traveller's discount is calculated on the basis of the daily rate, not the hourly rate.

  • I have not received the traveller's discount, what must I do?

    Fill in the ‘P+R traveller's discount’ refund form.

  • How many days can I park at a discount?

    You will also receive a discount if you park for several days, as long as you leave the P+R site on the same day as your return journey on the train. You can park for a maximum of 28 consecutive days with a discount.

  • Will I receive a discount if I'm travelling on an e-ticket?

    Yes. You can only scan the ticket for a discount at paid P+Rs with license plate recognition. In the year to come, we'll be rolling out this system to all our P+Rs.

  • Can I pay in cash?

    You cannot pay in cash at the paid P+R sites. You can pay with a Maestro debit card, Mastercard, Visa, VPay, American Express, Yellowbrick, MultiTankCard and Travelcard, up to a maximum of € 50 a time.

  • Can I scan an e-ticket at the parking kiosk?

    Yes, you can scan your e-ticket at all paid P+Rs with license plate recognition for a train discount.

  • How do I buy a P+R season ticket?

    A P+R season ticket guarantees you a parking space at a Q-Park P+R facility near an NS station of your choice. To buy a P+R season ticket, just head to Q-Park. Sign up for your P+R season ticke today.

  • How do I park at a P+R?

    Parking is free at most P+Rs. Some of our parking facilities are easy to enter and exit. To find out more, head to How does P+R work??

  • What is parking with license plate recognition?

    To make your trip even quicker and easier, we're now introducing parking with license plate recognition. We'll be installing this system at all paid P+Rs in the following year. For more information, head to P+R and license plate recognition.

  • What are your parking rates?

    You can find the parking rates for our paid P+Rs by heading to P+R rates.

Can't find your question? We'll be happy to help you. Go to or submit your question to the NS Community. We are standing by night and day to assist you.