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How does it work?

At most P+R facilities, you can park for free. At the paid parking facilities, you can easily enter and exit the facility using a bank card, credit card or mobility card. If you have travelled by train on the same day, remember to scan your OV-chipkaart first to receive the traveller discount.


  1. Drive up to the gate.
  2. Present a payment card to enter. You can pay using your bank card, credit card, mobility card or NS-Business Card.
  3. The gate will open and you can park your car.

Exiting the facility

  1. Drive up to the gate.
  2. Present your OV-chipkaart for the traveller discount. The discount will be calculated automatically.
  3. Present the payment card you used to enter the facility. The parking fee will be deducted from your card.
  4. The gate will open, the parking fee amount will be displayed on the screen, and you can exit the facility. You can also choose to print out a receipt.

Train travel discount on parking fee

If you travel by train using an OV-chipkaart, then you can park your car for a discount or even for free at paid P+R facilities. The special daily rate depends on the location, but is always between € 0 and € 8 per day.

P+R parking

Do you have an NS-Business Card with the P+R product?

Then you can pay for parking with your NS-Business Card. The parking costs will be billed to your train season ticket invoice (if the parking option is active on your NS-Business Card). If you aren't sure, ask via your employer or check your Mijn NS Zakelijk account.