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Parking season ticket

A P+R season ticket guarantees you a parking space at a Q-Park P+R facility near an NS station of your choice. And as a season ticket holder, you can conveniently drive in and out of the parking facility using your license plate. Contact Q-Park to purchase a season ticket for parking. Especially useful when you regularly travel by train from the same departure station.

The benefits

  • Guaranteed parking space
    With a season ticket, you are guaranteed a parking space in your selected Q-Park P+R facility, for a fixed amount per month.
  • Easy entry and exit
    You will receive a Q-Park SmartCard with the season ticket for your selected P+R facility pre-activated. You can use this card to easily enter and exit the facility.
  • Savings 
    If you park more than three times per week, then you can save even more money with a season ticket.
  • License plate recognition
    Make parking faster and more convenient by entering and exiting the parking facility with license plate recognition. All paid parking facilities will be equipped with the system over the course of the year.

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