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Pilot: P+R licence plate recognition

At NS, we want to make your door-to-door journey by car and train even easier and faster. That's why we're launching a pilot project at the start of this year, at the Rotterdam Centraal P+R facility and the car park at Driebergen-Zeist station. During this pilot, we'll be testing the new entry and exit system using licence plate recognition. Once the testing period has been successfully completed, we will roll out the new system at all of our paid P+R sites.

The benefits

  • Before allowing you to enter, the facility scans your licence plate. Simple! And handy too, because you can then head straight for the train.
  • You will receive the traveller discount whether you're travelling with an OV-chipkaart or an e-ticket. 
  • Season ticket holders don't have to do anything else. Everything is automatically processed according to the registered licence plate number. 
P+R parking with licence plate recognition


  1. Drive up to the gate, and your licence plate will be scanned.
  2. The gate will open and you can park your car.


  1. Drive up to the gate. Your licence plate will be scanned and the amount will appear on the display.
  2. Present your OV-chipkaart for the traveller discount. The discount will be calculated automatically.
  3. Pay with your bank card, Creditcard, Mobility card or NS-Business Card.
  4. The gate will open and you can exit. You can choose to print out a receipt.