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Coronaregels op het station

Rules at the station

In order to make it easier for travellers to keep 1.5 meters distance from one another, we have implemented coronavirus control measures at our stations. Our goal is to offer our current travellers the assurance that there is enough space available to travel safely when they absolutely need to travel.

The measures in brief

  • Keep 1.5 meters distance from other persons
  • Walk right if possible
  • Avoid touching surfaces with your hands, if possible
  • Keep 4 steps apart on escalators
  • Only 2 people may use the lift at a time
  • Keep 5 tiles apart at the platform
  • Dispose of waste at the station, and not aboard the train

The introduction of these measures will begin at 6 stations: Arnhem Centraal, Amsterdam Zuid, Utrecht Centraal, Gouda, Culemborg and Groningen Noord. We will monitor the effects of these measures together with all other public transport carriers. We will then evaluate how these measures can be implemented throughout the public transport sector. 

Other measures at the station

  • Starting on 20 May, more shops and services at the station will begin to open. Travellers will be able to purchase a face mask at various shops at the station.
  • At the moment, each station has at least one Tickets & Service desk or OV Service shop open every day from 09:00 - 17:00 to provide our travellers with information and assistance. The shop at Ede-Wageningen is unfortunately closed.
  • Where possible, we will keep a sales point open at the stations for travellers and our colleagues on duty there. These will generally be AH to Go shops, or a Kiosk at stations without an AH to Go. All other Kiosk shops are closed.
  • All Rituals locations at the stations are also closed. The tenants of other shops at the stations may decide for themselves whether or not to open their station locations, which they will announce by means of a notification on the relevant shop.
  • Luggage lockers at stations other than Amsterdam Centraal will remain closed for the time being, although travellers may collect any luggage they have currently stored in the lockers. Sanifair lavatories and lavatories with contact-free payment will remain open.
  • Each station has at least one bicycle storage facility open for our travellers. These facilities open 15 minutes before the first train in the morning, and close 15 minutes after the last train at night to offer our travellers a place to store their bicycles at every station. These facilities also offer OV-fiets rentals. Please visit ns.nl/fietsenstallingen to see which bicycle storage facility is open at the station of your choice.