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Railway timetable starting from 2 June

Starting on 2 June, we will run according to a timetable in the national interest. That means travellers will generally be able to travel according to the normal timetable, but only for necessary travel. We will operate the maximum number of trains possible for our employees under the circumstances, and we will do what is necessary to make the Netherlands accessible. This will require us to implement some additional measures to ensure safe travel by train.

The measures in brief

  • Please sit only on the seats marked with a green sticker.
  • Travellers must use face masks in the train (mandatory from 1 June).
  • Keep sufficient distance to other travellers in the train and when boarding or de-boarding.
  • Please try to touch as little as possible.
  • Only travel if it is absolutely necessary.

Starting on 2 June, we will begin operating according to the normal timetable, with the exception of some night trains and a few other routes. In order to do so in a responsible manner, we will make 50% of the seats in the train available to travellers. These seats are indicated with green stickers.

The government has also required that travellers using public transport must wear a face mask at all times from 1 June. People in the Netherlands are also called on to work from home as much as possible, and to avoid crowds, so please only travel if it is absolutely necessary.

International rail service

International rail service will also gradually begin operating according to the full railway timetable. In early June, the IC Brussels, IC Berlin and ICE trains will once again run according to the normal timetable. Thalys and Eurostar service will resume later in June and July.

Other measures aboard the train

  • The service aboard the train may be different from what you've been accustomed to experiencing from us. Due to the extra measures announced by the Ministerial Commission for Crisis Management and the RIVM (the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment), there are fewer travellers travelling by public transport, and there are also fewer NS employees available.
  • Given the current circumstances, some changes have been made to the NS Travel Assistance process. You can still request NS Travel Assistance for your journey, but you should avoid physical contact between the assisting employee and you or your mobility aid. You can read more about this on the relevant page.
  • We are making every effort to ensure that our colleagues remain healthy and fit, and to keep providing the best service possible. For this reason, we ask that when the conductor asks you to present your ticket, please hold it up to the conductor's scanner yourself.
  • Cleaners will pay extra attention to disinfecting contact areas, such as door handles and headrests, during the regular cleaning activities. Extra soap and paper towels will be stocked in trains equipped with a lavatory.