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Travelling by train during the coronavirus outbreak

The train can once again be used for any travel purpose and is no longer restricted to necessary travel only. However, please avoid crowds and travel outside peak hours wherever possible. You may now use all seats on the train. The use of face masks on the train remains mandatory.

The measures in brief

  • The use of a face mask on the train is mandatory. Put on your face mask when stepping on to the train.
  • Only travel if you are free of symptoms
  • Avoid crowds and travel outside of rush hour wherever possible
  • You may take your bicycle on the train, but please register it in advance.

Face masks

The government requires the use of a face mask on public transport. Wearing a face mask on to the train is mandatory. This applies to travellers aged 13 years and above. These face masks can be purchased from various shops at our stations and in many station vending machines. Read our answers to frequently asked questions about the use of face masks.


If you would like an idea of the expected extent of crowding in the train, then register your train journey using the Treinwijzer. The more travellers who register their journeys, the more accurate the predictions will be. Together we can ensure that as many people as possible can travel responsibly.