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Coronavirus measures for OV-fiets and bicycle storage facilities

At our OV-fiets rental locations and manned bicycle storage facilities we have adopted various measures to allow travellers to safely rent an OV-fiets or store their bike safely. We urge you to wear a face mask when entering our covered bicycle storage facility.

Rent an OV-fiets safely

Manned bicycle storage facility

  • There will always be a clean OV-fiets ready for travellers who want it. The handlebars, saddle and key/lock are cleaned by our staff.
  • We follow a contactless issue and return procedure for the OV-fiets:
    1. The traveller lowers the kickstand to stabilise the OV-fiets then locks it. He/she puts the key and his/her OV-chipkaart on the desk. The traveller maintains a distance of 1.5 metres.
    2. The employee scans the key and OV-chipkaart. The employee maintains a distance of 1.5 metres. The traveller takes the OV-chipkaart and key and then leaves.

Self-service storage facilities

  • OV-fietsen and OV-fiets key machines in self-service storage facilities are cleaned once a day.
  • The issue and return procedure for these facilities is already contactless because there is no employee on the premises.

Store your bike at the station safely

  • At the entrances to our storage facilities, we have posters informing travellers about the additional rules.
  • We use signage to remind travellers to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres.
  • Our issue and return procedure and payment procedure are contactless.
  • A protective screen is installed at the desk.
  • We urge travellers to wear a face mask when entering the covered bicycle storage facility.

Get your bike repaired quickly and safely

  • We follow a contactless procedure for taking in bikes for repair and returning them.
  • A protective screen is in place at the cashdesk to protect both customers and employees.
  • Payment can only be made using a debit card.