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King's Day 2018 in Den Bosch, Breda, Best

On King's Day, large numbers of revellers travel by train. Due to the large crowds different rules will apply on the train and at the station from 18:00 on the evening of Thursday, 26 April, until 7:00 on the morning of Saturday, 28 April.

Cities all over the country will be hosting King's Day events and flea markets.

This year, Kingsland festivals on King's Day will be held not only in Amsterdam and Groningen, but also in ’s-Hertogenbosch. In Breda, the Helden van Oranje sing-along event will be held in the Breepark on the evening before King's Day, and the fifth edition of the 538Koningsdag event will be held at the Chasséveld on King's Day itself. In Best, near Eindhoven, the fifth edition of the Supersized Kingsday Festival will be held at Aquabest.

These festivals are open to ticketholders only.

If you plan on going to:

  • Kingslandfestival Den Bosch, please travel to station ’s Hertogenbosch. From there, shuttle buses will bring you to the Pettelaarse Schans for a small fee.
  • 538Koningsdag Breda, then the Chasséveld is located within walking distance from the station. The route will be indicated with signs along the way.
  • Supersized Kingsday, please travel to station Best, and shuttle buses will bring you to the festival venue. You can purchase a round-trip ticket in the bus.

Returning home

If you plan on travelling home later in the evening, please consult the NS Travel Planner or the Travel PlannerXtra app to make sure that you will be able to reach your destination. Many stations will not be accessible by train later in the evening, so please take this into consideration when deciding how much time you need to reach the station from the festival venue.