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Discover your extras with NS Extra

Did you know that, with your personal OV-chipkaart, you can benefit from the extras offered by NS Extra all year long? You receive a handy check out alert service, as well as other useful benefits. Such as a free 1st class upgrade, a discount on a Meereiskaart and other special offers. Interested? Then register for free today and discover your extras. 

Benefit from the check-out alert service now!

The benefits of NS Extra

After you have registered with NS Extra, you get access to:

  • The check-out alert service: if you forget to check out, you will receive an email with which you can quickly and easily remedy this.
  • Special promotions, such as the Meereiskaart: bring someone with you for an exclusive low price. Or an NS day ticket for a discounted price.
  • Other exclusive benefits and extras.

How does it work?

  • You register for the free service, NS Extra.
  • A welcome email will be sent to the email address that you have provided.
  • You confirm your registration by clicking on the link in the email.
  • You will regularly receive emails with personal extras, promotions and services
  • You can unsubscribe whenever you wish

Who is NS Extra for?

You can register for NS Extra:

  • If you have a personal OV-chipkaart,
  • With or without a season ticket,
  • If you have a personal NS-Business Card,
  • If you are a student.

Unfortunately, you cannot register with an anonymous OV-chipkaart or a departmental or company NS Business Card. You need a valid email address in order to use NS Extra.

Travel details

Would you like to take advantage of the services and benefits offered by NS Extra? If so, we require access to your travel details. This allows us to offer you tailor-made benefits and services. We can only offer you NS Extra services if you give us your permission to process these details - only for NS Extra. We guarantee that we will not use this information for anything other than NS Extra.