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NS Extra

We're happy to know you, and we appreciate you travelling with NS. So to show our thanks, we've created NS Extra especially for you.

  • Exclusive offers, including a free treat at La Place.
  • Did you forget to check out at your destination? No problem! With our 'check-out alert service', you can fix the problem in no time.
  • Temporary a 'Meereisretour' for € 10.
  • Participation is free.

What do I get with NS Extra?

  • Special offers
    For example, last year we gave away free upgrades to 1st class, a special discount on the purchase of a day return ticket, and free treats at La Place and Julia’s.
  • The check-out alert service
    If you forget to check out at your destination, then you will automatically receive an e-mail with a link to help you fix the problem quickly and easily.
  • Benefits especially for you
    We will let you know when something changes on your regular route, or on the railway network in your area, for example.

What your fellow travellers have to say

More than 700,000 have already signed up for NS Extra. This is what they had to say about our latest offers:

  • "What a great idea! It makes me feel appreciated as a customer of NS."
  • "I'm kept informed about the route I travel often. Of course, I'd read it somewhere else before, but the reminder is very attentive."
  • "Good, cheap way to visit a friend who lives in another part of the country."

Temporary 'Meereisretour' for € 10

Sign up for NS Extra and receive a Meereisretour for € 10. With a Meereisretour you can bring someone on your trip to any destination in the Netherlands. The NS Extra Welcome Mail explains how to use the Meereisretour.

I want that too! How can I sign up?

You are eligible to sign up for NS Extra if you have:

  • A personal OV-chipkaart
  • An OV-studentenkaart (student travel product)

I've signed up; what now?

Welcome to the club! You will receive a confirmation e-mail in your inbox. Click on the link in the mail to confirm your participation, and each month you will receive an e-mail with personal extras, offers and services. We hope you enjoy NS Extra!