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NS Extra terms of use

These terms of use apply to the use of NS Extra. Would you rather receive the terms in written form? Then we can send them to you for free upon request.

What is Mijn NS

In order to offer more personal and relevant services, NS is introducing something new: NS Extra. With NS Extra, the customer receives personal services and benefits based on his/her personal travel details. For example, an email when he/she has forgotten to check out. In order to be able to provide these services, NS needs the customer's travel details. When registering for NS Extra, the customer must give NS permission to process this information, exclusively for NS Extra services of course. Customers who may participate in NS Extra are (consumer) season ticket holders, personal OV-chipkaart holders and students.

Unfortunately, NS Business Card holders and people with an anonymous OV-chipkaart cannot participate.

How do I register?

You can register for NS Extra all year round via the registration page on When registering for NS Extra, you must give NS permission to process your travel details, exclusively for NS Extra services of course.

How do I unsubscribe?

A participant may unsubscribe at any time or change his/her preferences for NS Extra on In every email that the participant receives from NS Extra, there is also an unsubscribe/change link which redirects the participant to the unsubscribe/change page. Unsubscribing or changing permissions can also always be arranged with NS Customer Service on 030-7515155. NS is always there to assist its customers. The participant's travel details will be deleted within one week.

Redeeming coupons

Participants may receive coupons that can be redeemed for certain products and services. The coupons that the participant receives from NS Extra have an expiry date which is clearly stated on the coupon. After this date, the participant can no longer claim the product or service that was offered with the coupon. These coupons cannot be exchanged for money.

Validity of balance

When using NS Extra, it is possible that a participant will receive an email stating that he/she has received some balance. The participant can load this balance onto his/her personal OV-chipkaart using the NS ticket machines or other OV-chipkaart collection points. The relevant balance is available for a year after the date on the email. Once this year has elapsed, it is no longer possible to load the balance onto a personal OV-chipkaart.

Promotions related to travel behaviour

NS has established a reference period for promotions related to travel behaviour. The participant's season ticket, the number of journeys and the time of travel (rush hour or off-peak) during this reference period are always valid as a starting point to determine eligibility to participate in the promotions. In the month following the reference period, NS will deactivate the promotion relating to travel behaviour. If the participant terminates or changes the season ticket, or changes his/her travel behaviour between the two months, then NS cannot be held responsible.

Changes or termination by NS

NS reserves the right to change NS Extra and/or the terms of use without prior notice. The changed terms of use will be published on After changes to the terms of use, only the changed terms still apply, and the old ones expire. If the participant is not satisfied with the new terms of use, he/she can stop participating as described earlier.

NS also reserves the right to terminate NS Extra. NS will then inform the participant by email one week in advance. NS is not liable for any damages caused by changes to or termination of NS Extra. The link to the travel details will be cancelled by NS within one week of the termination of NS Extra.

Loss or theft of OV-chipkaart

If the participant's OV-chipkaart is lost or stolen, he/she can automatically continue to use NS Extra with the new OV-chipkaart, as soon as the loss has been reported to Trans Link Systems B.V. and he/she has received a replacement card.

Change of address

Correspondence regarding NS Extra is sent to the postal or email address that has been registered with NS. This is the address that the participant has provided (during registration). In case of a change in postal or email address, the participant should provide the new address to NS via Mijn NS or NS Customer Service on 030-7515155. NS is always there to help its customers.


NS adheres to the requirements of the relevant privacy legislation, including the Data Protection Act. For a detailed privacy statement please read the our Privacy policy. This describes which personal information is processed, how and for what purposes NS handles personal information and how you can oppose certain processing.

Liability of NS

NS does its best to allow participants to make optimal use of its services with regard to NS Extra. Nevertheless, NS cannot be held liable for damages of any kind relating to NS Extra, including delayed delivery, delivery errors, connection problems, loss of data or other irregularities, unless these are intentional or result from gross negligence. 


Despite the care and attention NS dedicates to its services and to NS Extra, it is possible that the participant is not satisfied. The participant can lodge a complaint via or by calling NS Customer Service on 030-7515155. NS is always there to help its customers.

Other (general or product) conditions

Notwithstanding the conditions set out in these terms of use, all season tickets, products, journeys and payments are subject to the applicable terms and conditions and/or product conditions. See for the applicable conditions.

Applicable law

These terms and conditions are governed by Dutch law. A dispute can only be brought before a competent court in the Netherlands.