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NS Serviceforum

The NS Serviceforum is an online environment where you can easily ask questions, help other passengers and meet other passengers.

Looking for information

A lot of questions have already been asked. Fellow passengers have not just answered the questions in detail, but have also written about their own experiences. For this reason, you should first check the topics that have already been answered by other passengers. In order to make searching easier, the forum has been split into various sections, such as ‘Season tickets’, ‘Promotions and day trips’, ‘At the station’ and ‘International travel’. Of course, you can also search using the search function.

Asking questions

Has your question not been asked yet? Then post your own question on the forum. In order to ask a question (or to answer one), you first have to register. It's easy!

Earn rewards

The more you contribute to the forum, the more you will be rewarded. For example, by helping other members of the forum or by contributing to a pleasant atmosphere, you can earn a badge or a rank. This is nice for you and it helps other forum members, since by working together this way we make the forum a nicer place where passengers can get even better help, even faster.

Ranks and badges

A rank in a category, various badges or a green smiley. You can earn these on the NS Serviceforum by answering questions. So, those who answer questions are rewarded. But this system also helps the person who asked the question, because he or she can make a better assessment of the value of the answer based on the ranks and badges that others have earned.


Would you like to see how it works? Watch the video!