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The new NS.nl

We have renewed our website. It has a stylish new look, offers more personalised service and is easier to use. The new site is also optimised for mobile and tablet.

Already available in English

Currently, part of the site is available in English. The other parts will become available in English in phases. The schedule is shown below:

  • Homepage
  • Individual tickets
  • Voucher codes 
  • Season tickets
  • Travel information
  • Travel planner
  • NS International
  • Customer Service
  • Business
  • Door to door
20 January About NS
27 January Featured

Everything you are looking for in one clear overview

Making the website easy for you to use and personalising the website experience were the fundamental principles while making the new ns.nl.

This can immediately be seen on the homepage. It is arranged so that you can see the most important information with just one glance. Whether it’s the Travel planner, our exciting promotions or the various travel products. You can find it, and more, on our new homepage.

The main menu has also been changed. It is now located on the top left of every page. If you click on it, the menu opens and you can see all the topics neatly listed. You can use this menu to easily navigate around the site.

The homepage also features a handy search field. 

Planning your journey quickly and easily

The Travel planner is a popular part of ns.nl. We have completely redesigned it and extensively tested it with users like you. In fact, we have done this for the entire site.

What has been improved? Among other things, we have made it more visually pleasing and made it more intuitive to use when planning your journey. We have also added a map. You can use this to clearly see where you are and where you need to transfer. You can also view all the station information, such as the availability of OV-fiets or the location of the toilets. Furthermore, if there are delays or platform changes, then you are notified here and can see exactly how your journey will be affected.

While travelling or at home, always within reach

Wherever you are, if you have a smartphone in your pocket then you can visit and use the new ns.nl. To further improve your experience our website has been optimised for mobile phone and tablet, with the exception of a few topics.

The website adjusts itself to the screen on which it is opened, whatever size it is. So whether you’re travelling or sitting at home, you can always view the new ns.nl pleasantly and quickly.

We are interested in your opinion

We have done everything we can to make our new website contemporary. Experience it yourself and let us know what you think by using the feedback button. 

New NS International website

A new NS International site was launched recently. The website has been optimised and its simplified design makes it easier to use. Please keep in mind that not all the pages have been converted to the new design yet.