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The new Travel planner

The Travel planner is a popular feature on ns.nl, and now it has been completely redesigned. Among other things, a new railway map has been added. On this map, you can clearly see where you are and where you have to transfer. You can also view all the available station information, such as the availability of the OV-fiets or a toilet. In addition, if there are any delays or platform changes, you are notified directly and receive more information regarding the consequences for your train journey.

How does it work?

After entering your journey details and clicking on the 'plan' button, you will be shown an overview displaying several journey options that match your journey details. This overview shows you a summary of the details of each journey, so that you can compare the various options. You can use the blue arrow buttons on the top left and right of the screen to view earlier and later journey options.

Journey options and the railway map

If you click on one of these journey options, it expands. You can then see additional information. In addition, the railway map appears on the right hand side of the option. This railway map shows the route taken by the option. This allows you to see which route the option follows, which is particularly useful for longer journeys.

The extensive journey option

When you click on a journey option in the overview, you gain access to additional information. In this way, you start with as much of an overview as possible, and you can find additional information that is relevant to you by clicking. You can then see the departure and arrival platforms, and the transfer stations.

Buy, share, print

As well as additional travel information, this display includes the buttons buy, share and print. Using the buy button redirects you to a page on where you can buy your ticket online - useful for people who do not travel on the train often and do not have an OV-chipkaart. The share button allows you to email the journey option and (in most browsers) it is possible to download the option and save it in a digital diary.

Detailed price information

As standard, the normal journey fare is shown. This means that you will be shown the price for a single ticket without any discounts. If you would like to see more prices for the journey option, then click on the circled inext to the price. An extra field will then open (pop-up) with detailed price information.



Stations in between

Normally, the selected journey option only shows the stations at which you need to transfer. Would you like to see the stations in between? Then click on the  name of the route (for example: "NS Intercity to Groningen"). You will then be able to see the stations in between for that part of the route. You can also close this information by clicking on the 'X' that appears.

Station information

You can view the facilities at stations in the same as you viewed the stations in between. To do so, click on the station's name. You can then see whether assistance is available at a station, for example. You can also continue clicking in order to see more detailed station information.

Other tips and tricks

Going back to the overview of journey options

Would you like to close the expanded journey option and return to the overview of options? Then click on the blue button, marked with an 'X', on the right hand side of the journey optionThe white fields with summarised journey options will then slide towards each other again. The railway map will disappear from the background.

More options

In the yellow preferences bar at the top of the screen, there is a plus sign (+). If you click on it, you can enter a number of additional journey preferences, such as a longer transfer time.


If a journey option is partly obscured after expanding, you can scroll up or down by holding your mouse pointer above the white area on which it is displayed. A scroll bar will then appear and you can use other scroll functions featured on your computer (your mouse wheel, for example). On tablets and smartphones, you can scroll by dragging the white area up or down.

Journey options from door to door

We are working hard to make it possible for you to plan your journey from door to door. This option will be available no later than April 2016, in an improved version.