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NS.nl new style

Our website has been renewed. It has a new look, a more personalised service and is easier to use. The website has also been optimised for smartphones and tablets. We have done everything we can to make sure the website meets current and future requirements. Try it yourself and use the feedback button to let us know what you think.

Everything you need in one clear overview

The starting points for creating the new ns.nl website were ease of use and a more personalised website experience. This is immediately obvious when you open the homepage. It has been arranged so that you can see all the most important information at a glance, whether it's the travel planner, our promotions, our travel products or relevant information especially for students, the elderly and business passengers. 


The main menu has also been changed. It is now located on the top left of every page. If you click on it, the menu drops down and reveals a list of all the topics. You can use this menu to easily navigate around the site. 

Search function

On the homepage, you can find a search function which can be used to quickly and easily find anything on the new ns.nl website.


Quickly and easily planning your journey

The Travel planner is a frequently used part of ns.nl. It has been completely redesigned and extensively tested by passengers like you.  This applies to the entire new website.

What has been improved? Among other things, we have made the process of planning your journey more visually appealing and more orderly. You can also see all the station information, such as the availability of the OV-fiets or a toilet. In case of unexpected delays or platform changes, you will receive direct notification regarding the consequences for your train journey.

Customer service and convenience at the forefront

On ns.nl new style, we have improved and extended our customer service in a number of areas. For example, frequently asked questions are shown at the top of the overview page, and all subjects are clearly categorised. If you have, for example, forgotten to check out or accidentally left something on the train, then you can use the new website to find out what you should do even faster.


The NS Serviceforum is a useful part of the customer service pages. Here train passengers can get in contact with one another, make suggestions and share experiences. If you have any other questions, we are available to help you at all times. You can reach us on the telephone, via e-mail, via chat and on Twitter at any time.

Finding information that is important to you faster

We recognise the fact that not everyone is the same and that not everyone travels in the same way, and the new ns.nl takes that into account. This is immediately clear on the homepage. Here you can choose what kind of passenger you are, and you will immediately be able to get to the information that is important to you and to see the travel products that will interest you.

On the move or at home, always available

Wherever you are, if you have a tablet or smartphone with you, then you can visit and use the new ns.nl. After all, with the exception of a few topics, our website has been fully optimised for smartphones and tablets. The website adjusts itself to the screen on which it has been opened, regardless of the size of the screen. So whether you are on the move or sitting at home, you can always quickly and easily check ns.nl new style.

Also a new website for NS International

The NS International website has also recently been renewed. The website was optimised for use on tablets and smartphones. In addition, the site was redesigned in order to make it clearer and easier to use. Not all of its pages have been updated to the new design yet, so please keep this in mind.