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First update of the Travel planner launched

The new NS website has been online since 2 December 2015. This new website also included a new version of the Travel planner. Since the launch, we have requested feedback from passengers through a variety of channels. We have listened to these users' experiences carefully, and have looked for ways to improve user friendliness based on their comments and criticism. We offer our thanks to all those who have taken the time to give us feedback.


Comparing journey recommendations

Passengers told us that the journey recommendations could have been clearer. Users had trouble comparing different journey recommendations. It was often mentioned that the journey duration was first and most visible, while journeys are often compared based on the departure and arrival time.

The improvements

  • Departure times: We have replaced the journey duration, displayed at the top of every journey recommendation, with the departure and arrival time.
  • Journey duration: the journey duration is now visible at the top right of all journey recommendations, marked with a clock icon.
  • Ideal journey recommendation: The ideal journey recommendation is marked with a yellow line on the left of the recommendation.

Other changes

  • Transfers: In order to make space for the departure and arrival times, the number of transfers is now shown as an icon.
  • App: We have made changes to the journey recommendations so that they are more similar to the Reisplanner Xtra travel planner app. For example, the icons are now the same.

Information immediately visible in the journey overview

Passengers suggested that certain information should be immediately visible in the overview of journey recommendations, without the need to click on any options.


  • Train type: The train type has been added to the overview of journey recommendations. You can now immediately see whether you will be travelling on a Sprinter, an Intercity or, for example, a Thalys for each route. Furthermore, you can see which carriers run on which parts of the route.
  • Transfers: An additional advantage of this extra information is that it makes the number of transfers easier to find.

Opening and closing journey details

We received feedback regarding the opening and closing of journey recommendations. On the one hand, it was not clear enough that a travel recommendation could be 'expanded' in order to get more information about the journey. On the other hand, many users had trouble closing the journey recommendation once they had opened it.


  • View details: if you hover your desktop or laptop's mouse pointer over a recommendation, the recommendation will increase in size slightly. The following message will also appear: “View details”.
  • ‘Close’ button: an expanded journey recommendation has a blue closing button on the top right, marked with a cross. Clicking on this button brings you back to the overview of journey recommendations.

Continuous process

This update of the Travel planner is not the end of the story. NS will continue to work on improving the way the Travel planner functions and making easier to use. As a result, we are always happy to receive feedback from passengers – especially now that the first round of improvements have been made. This way, we can assess the changes we have made, and discover new ways of making the Travel planner even better.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to give feedback regarding the Travel planner, using the blue feedback button (on the right hand edge of your screen on NS.nl) or via our Forum.