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Time for yourself; time to read

Traveling by train provides a moment of relaxation and edification, but more importantly, it gives you some time for yourself. While you travel, you have time to prepare for work, read the paper or immerse yourself in a good book. There's a good reason that 75% of train passengers carry something to read on the train. Train travel and reading just go hand-in-hand!


NS and Tijd voor Lezen (Time to Read)

With the 'Tijd voor Lezen (Time to Read)' campaign, we hope to encourage and inspire our travelers to read in the train. NS is a sponsor of the CPNB (Stichting Collectieve Propaganda van het Nederlandse Boek), and as such we support three important and well-known reading and literacy campaigns.  •    

  • De Boekenweek (March/April)
  • De Kinderboekenweek (October)
  • De NS Publieksprijs (October and November)

As part of these campaigns, NS organises fun and interesting activities for our travelers.