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NS Flex

for € 0 per month

You only have to pay a one-off registration fee of € 10

  • If you already have an OV-chipkaart, you’ll be able to travel flexibly within 1 hour
  • If you need a new OV-chipkaart, we’ll deliver one within 1 week
Yes, I want NS Flex

A quick summary

  • Never top up your balance again

    We’ll send you a single, clear-cut bill every month.

  • Stay on top of your travel costs at all times

    Configure your very own cost alerts
    (available in October).

  • No strings attached

    You only pay for how much you travel. If you don’t travel, you don’t pay.

Even more benefits

  • You can check in right away

    With your own OV-chipkaart

    You can pick up NS Flex at a ticket machine within an hour. You’ll be ready to check in and travel right away. We’ll automatically refund your remaining balance.

    Or with a free, new OV-chipkaart

    If you want a free, new OV-chipkaart, NS Flex will be delivered to your door within 1 week. You’ll be able to travel with your new card right away.

  • You’re ready to go

    Stay on top of your travel costs with Mijn NS, wherever, whenever. Don’t have a Mijn NS account yet? We’ll create one for you right after your order. All you have to do is click to confirm.

NS Flex without season ticket
€ 0 per month

NS Flex comes with a one-off € 10 registration fee

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