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OV Vrij annual season ticket and OV Voordeel season ticket

The OV Vrij annual subscription and OV Voordeel subscription for consumers will no longer be on sale as of 1 March 2021. Read about the changes to these On balance subscriptions.

What were the OV Vrij annual season ticket and OV Voordeel season ticket?

The OV Vrij annual season ticket consisted of two parts:

  • Altijd Vrij (Always Free) annual season ticket (Travelling on balance)
  • BTM Vrij Particulier (Free Individual bus, trein, metro)

This enabled unlimited travel on all Dutch train, bus, tram and metro carriers, as well as on the Dutch routes taken by Intercity Berlin and ICE International.

The OV Voordeel season ticket provided 20% discount on bus, tram and metro travel. We sold it in combination with the Altijd Voordeel (Always advantage) season ticket (On balance). Altijd Voordeel has been an NS Flex season ticket since December 2020.

Why are the OV Vrij annual season ticket and OV Voordeel season ticket no longer being sold?

We are changing most Travelling with a balance season tickets to NS Flex season tickets. For example, the Altijd Vrij annual season ticket is now known as NS Flex Altijd Vrij, and you can change or cancel this from month to month.

In addition, we have seen Dutch travel behaviour patterns change, with the result that there is much less need for the OV Vrij annual season ticket and OV Voordeel season ticket. In collaboration with the other public transport companies, we decided not to include BTM Vrij Particulier (the season ticket for private travel by bus, tram and metro) among the NS Flex season tickets.

Your current season ticket

If you already have an OV Vrij annual season ticket or OV Voordeel season ticket, then you can still travel on these during 2021. You will receive an e-mail or letter from us with further information three months before your season ticket expires.

You can also switch to an NS Flex season ticket, such as NS Flex Altijd Vrij (Always free) or NS Flex Altijd Voordeel (Always advantage). You can do this in Mijn NS.

This immediately gives you a few new benefits:

  • Always have the right discount: you can change or pause your subscription monthly
  • Direct check-in and check-out on the train, bus, tram and metro
  • .
  • Use of OV-fiets and parking on account
  • Pay travel costs monthly in arrears (by direct debit)
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If you would like to know more about the discounts available for regional travel, visit