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NS Flex

  • Travel on account on the whole public transport network. So no more hassle topping up balance
  • Flexible season ticket, adjustable every month
  • Always insight into travel and costs in Mijn NS
  • Class swap up to 15 minutes after checking in
  • All costs on one monthly invoice

Please be patient...

NS Flex is available to all travelers during the summer of 2018

Travel on account on the whole public transport network

Never have to top up your OV-chipkaart again! With NS Flex, you can travel on account on the whole public transport network: train, bus, tram, metro and OV-fiets. You can even pay for bicycle storage afterwards. No boarding fee and no topping up balance. When you travel, all you have to do is check in and out.

Always insight into your travel history and expenses

The costs of your journeys are always available in Mijn NS. This allows you to easily view and monitor your travel expenses.

A single monthly invoice

Once a month, you receive a clear invoice of your travel expenses. The costs are automatically deducted from your account via direct debit.

Adjustable every month

Travel on account is possible from € 0 per month with NS Flex Basis. You are not obliged to pay season ticket fees and only pay for the journeys you make. Would you like to travel by train with a discount? Then add a discount season ticket. You can change or cancel this season ticket in Mijn NS monthly.

Easily swap classes

Stretch your legs in the 1st class. With NS Flex, you can swap classes within 15 minutes of checking in. You can do this easily using Mijn NS. The class swap is valid until 04.00 the next day. Costs will automatically be charged to your invoice.

Coming soon

NS Flex is a new products, and like many new products, it is still a work in progress. For example, we are working on offering even more types of season tickets and family packages. We also hope to offer Combined Travel Discounts, Keuzedagen and NS Extra for NS Flex in the near future as well.

Thank you for your patience...

In the summer of 2018, we will open NS Flex for use by all travellers. If you would like to receive a notification when NS Flex is available, please feel free to send an e-mail to: nsflex@ns.nl.