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Offer for graduates

Are you finished studying, or will you be studying for longer than initially planned? Then you can no longer travel for free with your Studentenreisproduct (student season ticket). What a slap in the face! Luckily NS has a gift for you to ease the pain

The offer

Get a one year Dal Voordeel season ticket for free. You get a 40% discount when travelling during off-peak hours. You can also choose to receive a  € 50 discount on a different NS annual season ticket. This offer is valid for 3 months after your Studentenreisproduct (student season ticket) ends.

Order free Dal Voordeel for graduates

How it works

Order using a special sale code after the cancellation of your student season ticket.

Choose your season ticket

If you would prefer a season ticket other than the Dal Voordeel season ticket, you are eligible for a € 50 discount.

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