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Terminating your student travel product

Have you stopped or finished your course? Are your studies taking longer than planned? Then you have to terminate your student travel product.

End of travelling for free

Don't forget to terminate your student travel product on time yourself, otherwise you will be fined. You can do that at an NS ticket machine or another OV-chipkaart service point. That's it for the unpleasant news. In fact, NS has something nice for you in store: you can, after handing in your student travel product, benefit from cheap train travel for a whole year!

Arrange it yourself!

You have to terminate your student travel product yourself at an NS ticket machine or any other OV-chipkaart service point. You can read about why, when and how exactly to do this on the DUO website. You do not have to hand in your OV-chipkaart. Your season ticket is simply deleted from the OV-chipkaart, so you can still use the card for other travel products or to top up with balance.

Check in Mijn Duo

After terminating your student travel product, check after 5 working days to make sure that everything worked properly. You can do that in Mijn DUO.

Still studying?

Have you received a message form DUO saying that you have to hand in your student travel product even though you are still studying? Read what you should do here.

Offer for graduates

When you terminate your student travel product you can take advantage of a special promotion: a free Dal Voordeel season ticket for one year. This allows you to travel at a 40% discount during off-peak hours. You can also choose to receive a € 50 discount on a different NS annual season ticket. This offer is valid for up to 3 months after the termination of your student travel product.

Remind me

Are you still using your student travel product but would like to be reminded of this offer via email? Then register here.