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Travelling abroad

If you will be travelling outside the Netherlands by public transport, you can use your student travel product to travel aboard the Intercity Berlin, Intercity Brussels or ICE International up to the Dutch border.

Discount in international trains

Young people (until 25) are also entitled to discounts on travel with international trains. How to request the discount, and which trains are eligible, are explained below. Another tip:NS International has discount for young people on a regular base. 

Domestic routes of international trains

You can use your student travel product to travel for free on the Dutch routes of the Intercity Berlin, Intercity Brussels or ICE International, but not aboard the Thalys or Intercity direct. For more information, please visit the NS International website.

Youth discounts abroad

Young people under the age of 25 are eligible for attractive discounts on international travel. See here for the trains that offer discount rates.

A single international ticket for your entire journey.

You can book a single ticket for your entire journey from the departure station in the Netherlands to your destination abroad via NS International. If you are entitled to free travel or a 40% discount on the domestic leg of the route, please communicate that fact when booking the ticket. You will then receive either 40% or 100% discount on your international ticket. Remember to bring along your student travel product in addition to your ticket, as you must be able to show both when asked by the conductor.

Tip: when booking your ticket, select 'issue ticket in the app', so you can receive up-to-date information about your entire journey.