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Extras for you as a student

As a student, you probably don't have a lot of disposable income - especially at the end of the month. So discounts and special offers are often welcome when you want to get out and do something fun.

Tips for students

As a student, you can often benefit from discounts and special offers. We've put together some information and tips for you to help make things a bit easier.

NS Extra

No train journey should begin without a quick breakfast and a good cup of coffee. But it looks like the train will be departing from another platform! Now what?

If that situation is all too familiar to you, maybe consider signing up for NS Extra Students! Receive information about your route, along with discounts at the station. You can also participate in special activities. You will receive regular e-mails with personal extras, special offers and services, so keep an eye on your inbox!


Discover the latest hotspots in more than 15 cities with #nsfavourites. Plan your own city trip and benefit from many discounts and special offers.

Spoordeelwinkel discount shop

Discount tickets for the best day trips? See the Spoordeelwinkel discount shop!

ISIC student ID card

With the ISIC student ID card, you can identify yourself as a student anywhere in the world, and take advantage of more than 42,000 student discounts!