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About to enrol in higher education?

Students can usually travel for free or at a discount thanks to their student travel project, so you can travel from your classes to your parent’s home and your own apartment without a care in the world.

Applying for a student travel product

Apply for a student travel product at DUO. This involves going through several steps first. Go to ov-chipkaart.nl to find out exactly what to do.

Free travel while studying

Your student travel product allows you to travel with public transport for free at certain times and subject to certain conditions. For more information, go to the DUO website.

Travelling at a discount outside the time slots in which you can travel for free? In that case, you’ll need a balance. To top up your balance, go to a ticket machine or OV-chipkaart service point. If you don’t want to worry about topping up, request Automatic Top-ups by going to ov-chipkaart.nl.

Please note!

Combining your student season ticket with an NS Flex season ticket like Weekend Vrij means you can’t travel with 1 OV-chipkaart. Make sure to request a separate OV-chipkaart when ordering NS Flex.

Checking in and out

Remember: always check in and out with your OV-chipkaart, even when you’re travelling for free. You have to check in when travelling by train, bus, tram, and metro, and when switching from one carrier to another. Transferring from a train to a bus? Check out at NS first and check back in when you enter the bus. 

Tip: Use the NS Extra check-out alert when traveling at a discount. Sign up for NS Extra to automatically receive a message from us on how to rectify a forgotten checkout.

Card lost, stolen or expired

You can go through the entire process online. Go to studentenreisproduct.nl to find out how to travel for free within no time.

Combined Travel Discount

With your Student Travel Product, up to 3 people can travel with you and benefit from your discount during off-peak hours. To get a 40% discount on the same route as you, your friends or family need only go to the NS ticket machine to activate Samenreiskorting on their OV-chipkaart.

The NS app

The NS app is the travel planner for all public transport. Whether you’re going to a meeting in the city from home or going to class from your work, you can plan any trip to any address with the NS app. Even if you’re travelling by bus, tram, or metro! 

Take an OV-fiets!

The OV-fiets is a rental bike that’ll make the last part of your journey just a little easier. All you need is your OV-chipkaart to rent an OV-fiets to get you from the station to your appointment. The OV-fiets season ticket is free of charge and you can easily activate it online. Each trip up to 24 hours costs € 3.95. 


Optimise your train travel with NS Extra!

Sign up for NS Extra Studenten for free to get more information about your route and discounts at your favourite stations. We’ll send you regular emails with personal extras and special services and promotions for students. Register now to get a fun introductory present.

Not studying for now?

If you have already downloaded your student travel product to your OV-chipkaart, but have decided not to start or continue your studies, you must deactivate the student travel product yourself. This can be arranged easily at any ticket machine. For more information about what to keep in mind when you deactivate your student travel product, please see the DUO website. Please note: you will receive a fine if you do not deactivate it in time.