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Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe

The new timetable for 2017 will go into effect on 11 December 2016. See what changes are in store for your region or plan your journey using the NS Travel Planner.

Improved connections in Leeuwarden and Groningen

The connections in Leeuwarden and Groningen have been improved, as the Intercity trains from Zwolle will arrive earlier and depart later. This will give travellers more time to transfer.

Around Zwolle

Improved connections

The Intercity to and from Leeuwarden will wait for 3 fewer minutes in Zwolle, which will reduce the total travel time between Leeuwarden and the Randstad. This will make the connection between the train service Emmen - Zwolle and the Intercity trains along the Hanzelijn 3 minutes longer, giving travellers a more confortable transfer opportunity. During the peak morning hours, 3 Intercity trains from Zwolle to Leeuwarden will wait in Zwolle for an extra 3minutes in order to make room for extra peak hour trains from Emmen.

From Zwolle to the Randstad

In 2017, the Intercity trains between Zwolle and Den Haag Centraal along the Hanzelijn will run 2 or 3 minutes faster, thanks to the new infrastructure along the Zuidas in Amsterdam and because the Intercity will no longer stop in Duivendrecht. Thanks to a shorter stop in Zwolle, travellers between Leeuwarden and Amsterdam Zuid will arrive 4 to 6 minutes earlier than before. Plus, travellers transferring in Leiden to the Intercity trains in the direction of Den Haag HS and Rotterdam will need less time to change trains.

Temporary connections between Groningen and Enschede in Zwolle

The Sprinter Zwolle - Enschede will temporarily depart 3 minutes before the Intercity Zwolle - Roosendaal. As a result, there will be no connection between the Intercity Groningen - Zwolle and the southbound Sprinter Zwolle - Enschede. In summer 2017, the infrastructure to the east of Zwolle will be completed, and the connection can be restored. Until then, travellers between Groningen and Twente can use the Sprinter Groningen - Zwolle.

Zwolle - Roosendaal

The Intercity between Zwolle and Roosendaal will arrive 9 minutes faster, as it no longer stops at Arnhem Zuid, Elst and Nijmegen Lent.

More trains between Groningen and Assen starting on 1 May

As soon as the infrastructure at station Assen is complete, 4 Sprinters per hour will run in both directions between Groningen and Assen instead of the previous 2. Together with the Intercity trains between the 2 cities, travellers between Groningen and Assen will be able to choose from 6 trains per hour.

Sprinter Leeuwarden - Meppel

A fourth train per hour between Leeuwarden and Meppel was planned for December, but this plan will not be realised because the tracks are not suitable for four trains per hour. ProRail will have to provide a structural traction and power supply solution, and the preparations are already underway. But until the power supply situation is in order, NS will look for a temporary solution with four trains, such as the temporary utilisation of diesel locomotives. More information will be provided as it becomes available.