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Northern North Holland and Kennemerland

The new timetable for 2017 will go into effect on 11 December 2016. See what changes are in store for your region or plan your journey using the NS Travel Planner.


The Intercity Den Helder - Nijmegen will always stop in Heiloo, but the Intercity Alkmaar - Maastricht will no longer stop at this station. This change will give passengers a familiar timetable throughout the day and a direct connection between Heiloo and the stations between Alkmaar and Den Helder that is up to 10 minutes faster.

Peak hour Intercity Haarlem - Alkmaar

The peak hour Intercity Haarlem - Alkmaar will once again stop in Heiloo and Castricum. This will increase the total travel time on this Intercity by around 5 minutes.

Peak hour Intercity Alkmaar - Schagen

Travellers to Haarlem from stations north of Alkmaar can quickly transfer from the Intercity Schagen  Alkmaar to the Intercity towards Haarlem (and the opposite direction during the evening peak hours). This means that a few extra trains will run between Alkmaar and Schagen to connect to the peak-hour Intercity Haarlem - Alkmaar.

Enkhuizen - Amsterdam Centraal

All peak hour Intercity trains will once again stop at station Hoorn Kersenboogerd. The Intercity train Enkhuizen - Amsterdam Centraal will no longer be coupled to the Intercity Amsterdam Centraal - Amersfoort. This will not extend the total travel time, but it will require passengers to make an extra transfer. The peak hour Intercity trains will offer better connections to Schiphol and Haarlem from station Sloterdijk and a better connection from Amsterdam Centraal to Utrecht in regular intercities. NS will take the extra passengers into account when deciding on the length of the trains.

More Sprinters between Breukelen and Amsterdam Centraal

4 Sprinters per hour will run between Breukelen and Amsterdam Centraal instead of the previous 2 per hour. The Sprinter Rhenen - Breukelen will therefore continue on to Amsterdam Centraal and Uitgeest, offering travellers more direct connections.

Amsterdam Centraal - Vlissingen via Haarlem

The Intercity Amsterdam Centraal - Vlissingen runs via Haarlem. Passengers between Zeeland and Schiphol can transfer to the Intercity direct in Rotterdam or in Leiden (on the other side of the platform).

Leiden Centraal

Leiden will now offer good connections between the Intercity trains to and from Haarlem and Schiphol. 4 train will depart for Den Haag Centraal every hour: 2 direct connections and 2 connections with a transfer. The Sprinter service to and from Leiden will also offer better connections to the Intercity trains in order to shorten passengers' total travel time.

New names for stations

2 stations in the Zaan region are being renamed. Koog Bloemdijk is being renamed Koog aan de Zaan. Koog Zaandijk is being renamed Zaandijk Zaanse Schans.