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Amsterdam Centraal - Vlissingen

The Intercity Amsterdam Centraal - Vlissingen will run via Haarlem and no longer via Schiphol. Passengers between Zeeland and Schiphol should transfer in Rotterdam (to the Intercity direct) or in Leiden (on the other side of the same platform).

Dordrecht - Leiden Centraal - Amsterdam Zuid - Lelystad Centrum

The Intercity Dordrecht - Leiden Centraal will continue to Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam Zuid, Almere Centrum and Lelystad. This means there will be a new direct connection to and from Amsterdam Zuid: for example between Delft and Amsterdam Zuid. 

Faster Intercity’s to Zwolle

In 2017, the Intercity’s between Den Haag Centraal and Zwolle via Lelystad will be 2 to 3 minutes faster. This is thanks to the new infrastructure on the Zuidas in Amsterdam and the fact that this Intercity will no longer stop in Duivendrecht. Passengers between Amsterdam Zuid and Leeuwarden will save 4 to 6 minutes, partly due to a shorter stop in Zwolle. In addition, in Leiden passengers arriving from Den Haag HS and Rotterdam Centraal will be able to transfer to these Intercity’s faster. 

More direct Sprinters Hoofddorp - Amsterdam Centraal

A direct Sprinter will run every 15 minutes between Hoofddorp, Schiphol and Amsterdam Centraal. Two of these Sprinters will continue towards Leiden and Den Haag Centraal after Hoofddorp.

Hoofddorp - Leiden Centraal: from 2 to 4 Sprinters 

The Sprinter Hoorn Kersenboogerd - Hoofddorp will continue to Leiden until 19.00. This means that, during the day, there will be 4 Sprinters between Hoofddorp and Leiden rather than 2. As a result, Amsterdam Lelylaan maintains a direct connection with Leiden. The Sprinters Amsterdam Zuid-Hoofddorp will no longer travel to Leiden.

Leiden Centraal - Den Haag Centraal

The Intercity will no longer overtake the Sprinter between Leiden Centraal and Den Haag Centraal. This means an increase in the number of travel options on this route from 6 to 8 per hour. At Den Haag Laan van NOI station, passengers can transfer from the Sprinter to and from Leiden onto the Intercity to and from Rotterdam 4 times per hour.

Faster Intercity Den Haag - Eindhoven 

The Intercity from Den Haag to Eindhoven will travel on the high-speed railway line (no supplement required). As a result, this Intercity will no longer stop in Dordrecht. In the first few months there will be an extra transfer in Breda. Later, Den Haag - Eindhoven will become a direct connection with a journey time 11 minutes shorter than before.

Tilburg - Rotterdam and Breda - Schiphol

The Intercity ’s-Hertogenbosch - Breda and the Intercity direct Breda - Rotterdam will connect in Breda. In Rotterdam, there will be a connection between the Intercity Den Haag - Eindhoven and the Intercity direct Rotterdam - Amsterdam. As a result, passengers between, for example, Tilburg and Rotterdam will have 4 fast travel options per hour: 2 direct and 2 with a transfer in Breda each hour.

Passengers travelling from Breda to Schiphol will also be able to travel every 15 minutes: twice per hour directly, and twice per hour with a transfer in Rotterdam. In Breda, passengers will also be able to transfer between the Intercity direct and the Sprinter Breda - Tilburg-’s - Hertogenbosch. Passengers between, for example, Schiphol and Tilburg Universiteit will reach their destinations 15 minutes faster.

Rotterdam - Hoek van Holland

From 1 April there will be no train traffic between Schiedam Centrum and Hoek van Holland. This railway line is being converted to a metro line. The conversion will be completed by the end of 2017. In the intervening period, RET is deploying buses. 


Between Dordrecht and Breda and between Dordrecht and Roosendaal, 2 Sprinters will run each hour. The Sprinters to Breda will continue to Tilburg and ‘s-Hertogenbosch. As a result, Dordrecht and Dordrecht Zuid will have a direct connection with Tilburg Universiteit. In addition, an Intercity will run between Dordrecht and Breda once an hour as a replacement for the Intercity Den Haag - Eindhoven.

In order to realise a direct Sprinter Dordrecht - ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Sprinters from Rotterdam will not travel any further than Dordrecht. Passengers on the Sprinters from Roosendaal and Breda can transfer onto the Intercity towards Rotterdam Centraal in Dordrecht.

Faster transfers at Leiden Centraal

In Leiden there will be better connections between the Intercity's to and from Haarlem and to and from Schiphol. Every 15 minutes there will be a travel option to and from Den Haag Centraal, of which 2 per hour will require a transfer in Leiden. The Sprinters around Leiden will also have improved connections with the Intercity's.

Den Haag / Rotterdam - Amersfoort: Intercity's no longer linked

In Utrecht Centraal, the Intercity's from Den Haag Centraal and Rotterdam Centraal heading to Amersfoort will no longer be linked. This means that these trains can be lengthened at busier times. As a consequence, it will be necessary to transfer in Utrecht twice per hour when travelling to and from Rotterdam. A direct Intercity will run from Rotterdam twice per hour. The changes to departure times also mean that the number of travel options from Den Haag to Amersfoort will increase from 2 to 4 per hour. The number of direct travel options from Amersfoort to Den Haag will remain 2 per hour. In addition, it will be possible to take the Intercity towards Rotterdam and transfer onto the Sprinter to Den Haag in Gouda twice per hour.

Temporarily less travel options Schiedam - Delft Zuid

Due to the phased introduction of the Intercity Den Haag - Eindhoven (in the initial months this train will have a transfer in Breda), for a period of time, less trains travelling in a southerly direction will be able to stop at Delft Zuid and Schiedam Centrum stations. In Delft Zuid, 2 Sprinters will stop each hour rather than the usual 4. In Schiedam Centrum 6 trains will stop each hour instead of the usual 8 (2 Intercity's instead of 4). Once the Intercity Den Haag - Eindhoven starts running without a transfer, the departure times on this route will change. At this point, once again 4 Sprinters will stop in Delft Zuid and Schiedam Centrum each hour and 4 Intercity’s will stop in Schiedam Centrum each hour.

Night train Haarlem - Amsterdam Centraal 

On Friday and Saturday night, a night train will run from Haarlem to Amsterdam Centraal at 02:10. This train will return to Haarlem at 02:34.

Not checking in and out during transfers on NS trains and R-net Alphen - Gouda

From the start of the new timetable, NS trains running between Alphen aan den Rijn and Gouda will run according to the R-net formula. Passengers who transfer from an NS train to an R-net train (or vice versa) do not need to check in or out when doing so. It is expected that the frequency of trains running on this route will increase after the summer of 2017.