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The Boarding Zone

It happens to us all: the train stops slightly further away than you expected, and you have to jog to the closest carriage and join the back of the line to board the train. Boarding from the Boarding Zone is easier, faster and safer. Thanks to a better distribution of passengers, it's also easier for you to find a place to sit.

How to recognise the Boarding Zone

The Boarding Zone is a 50 metre strip in which a carriage will always stop. A sign indicates the start of the zone and another sign indicates its end. If you wait in this section of the platform, you know that you will be able to board the train without walking to it first.

The benefits

The Boarding Zone's location differs from station to station, in order to make better distribution in trains possible. As a result, it is easier, faster and safer for you to board. It is easier for you to find a place to sit, and the train can leave on time. 

Platforms with a Boarding Zone

You can find Boarding Zones at 17 Sprinter stations on the route between Amsterdam and Eindhoven.

These are:

  • Amsterdam Muiderpoort
  • Duivendrecht
  • Amsterdam Holendrecht
  • Abcoude
  • Breukelen
  • Maarssen
  • Utrecht Zuilen
  • Utrecht Vaartsche Rijn
  • Utrecht Lunetten
  • Houten
  • Houten Castellum
  • Culemborg
  • Zaltbommel
  • Vught
  • Boxtel
  • Best
  • Eindhoven Strijp-S

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