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New timetable 2016

Want to wave goodbye for 2 more minutes after 13 December? This is the day that the new timetable for 2016 starts. You can already see what the new timetable could mean for your journey in the NS Travel planner. Make sure you choose a journey date after 13 December.

What changes will be made?

The new timetable for 2016 is largely based on the timetable for 2015. Just like every year there may be small changes to departure times and departure platforms. On specific routes in the country more significant changes will be made. Some stations will also be given new names. The most important changes are:

Route Alkmaar - Haarlem

A lot of changes will be taking place on the route Alkmaar – Haarlem. Intercity trains will run twice per hour but only during the morning rush hour from Alkmaar to Haarlem and during the evening rush hour from Haarlem to Alkmaar. These Intercity's will only be stopping at Beverwijk and will no longer stop at the intermediate stations Heiloo, Castricum and Uitgeest. If you wish to travel from one of these latter stations to Haarlem or Alkmaar, then you will need to take one of the Sprinter trains running twice per hour. From Castricum and Heiloo to Haarlem you will also be able to choose to take an Intercity with a transfer in Amsterdam Sloterdijk. Please allow for additional travel time.

Utrecht Lunetten Station

With the new timetable trains will be going to and from Utrecht Lunetten station 4 times per hour instead of the current 2 times per hour. The rescheduling of freight trains to different times and different tracks will make it possible for all Sprinters to stop at Utrecht Lunetten station. As a result you will be able to take the train to Utrecht Lunetten every quarter of an hour.

New station names

Several stations are being renamed on 13 December. The new names for the stations are more closely related to the area in which the stations are located.

Eindhoven Beukenlaan station will be renamed Eindhoven Strijp-S station. Enschede Drienerlo will receive the name Enschede Kennispark station and Schiphol station will become Schiphol Airport. This will make it easier for international travellers to recognise it as an airport.


In 2016 the frequency of the Thalys will be increased by one train per day. As a result, there will be close to one train per hour going to Brussels. Two trains will continue to Lille from Brussels and nine trains will continue on to Paris.

In addition, the number of connections between the Netherlands and Germany is being increased. From 2016 an extra late ICE train will run from Germany to the Netherlands. Regular passengers will also be able to acquire a ticket to travel to and from Germany with the CityNightLine.

Later trains during the weekend

From December 2015 an extra late train will run to and from the provinces of Groningen and Drenthe on Friday night/Saturday morning. This will ensure that Groningen and Drenthe are even better connected to the Randstad.

High speed rail

The number of trains on the high speed rail track between Rotterdam and Amsterdam will be increased in 2016. Eventually, in mid-2016 an Intercity direct train will run on this route every quarter of an hour.

More information

We would be happy to be of further assistance. Ask your question on our NS Serviceforum or contact NS Customer Service on 030-7515155 or via Twitter @NS_online. We are available to help you day and night.