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New timetable

Check how the changes in the new timetable will affect you.

What do the changes mean for my journey?

This page describes the most important changes, and you can click through to the changes per region. Note: this information is not yet complete! However, our Travel Planner offers the full timetable information. So look for your new journey in the NS Travel Planner. Remember to take weekdays and weekends into consideration.

General information

More trains

More trains will run from a large number of stations:

  • The Intercity service between Almere and Schiphol will double from 2 to 4 Intercity trains per hour.
  • More Sprinters will run along 5 routes: Breukelen - Amsterdam, Leiden - Hoofddorp, Wijchen - Nijmegen and during peak hours between ’s-Hertogenbosch and Oss and between Groningen and Assen (latter starting in May 2017).
  • Extra trains will run during peak hours between Alkmaar and Schagen.
  • Extra trains will run between Utrecht and  Eindhoven in the evenings.
  • More trains will stop at station Utrecht Leidsche Rijn (from 2 per hour to 4 per hour).
  • During peak hours, more trains will stop at Heiloo, Castricum and Hoorn Kersenboogerd.

See the most important changes in this category on the railway map

Shorter travel times

The travel time has been shortened along several routes:

  • With the new timetable, you will be able to travel from Groningen and Leeuwarden to The Hague 6 minutes faster via the Hanzelijn.
  • The travel time has been reduced by 6 minutes between the north of the country (Zwolle) and Brabant (Roosendaal). This is because the train will run as an Intercity between Arnhem and Nijmegen, and will no longer stop at all stations in between. Extra Sprinters will serve these stations.
  • You can now travel on the high speed line between Den Haag and Eindhoven with a transfer in Breda. This will reduce the travel time between these cities by 9 minutes. Later in 2017, these cities will be connected by a direct connection, shortening the travel time by 11 minutes.

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Fewer transfers

Several important destinations will have direct connections.

  • Amsterdam Zuid will have a new direct connection to Den Haag Laan van NOI, Den Haag HS, Delft, Schiedam Centrum, Rotterdam Centraal, Rotterdam Blaak and Dordrecht two times per hour.
  • Between the Zaanstreek region and Amsterdam Zuidoost, travellers will have fewer transfers with four direct Sprinters per hour.
  • Four direct Sprinters per hour will run between Hoofddorp and Amsterdam Centraal.
  • Four direct Sprinters per hour will run between Wijchen, Nijmegen and Arnhem.

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Shorter waiting times at the station

Passengers will not have to wait as long at several stations because of better connections or because the trains are distributed more regularly throughout the hour.

  • The travel time between Eindhoven and Düsseldorf will be reduce by 15 minutes due to a better connection in Venlo.
  • The Sprinters in the region around Amersfoort will be better coordinated with the Intercity trains, which will reduce the travel times by up to 15 minutes and offer more travel opportunities.
  • The timetable for trains around Den Haag and Leiden has been refined to offer 8 direct travel options per hour, and the connections in Leiden have been improved as well.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Many travellers will enjoy shorter travel times and more connections, but inevitably some connections will involve longer travel times and/or extra transfers.

  • The faster connection between The Hague and Eindhoven will have consequences for the timetable around Dordrecht. The direct Intercity connection to Eindhoven will be eliminated. In compensation, one Intercity will run to Breda per hour, and the Sprinter Dordrecht - Breda will go on to Tilburg and ’s-Hertogenbosch.
  • More Intercity trains will run between Almere and Schiphol, but the travel time between Utrecht and Almere will temporarily increase by 5 minutes. This train will also temporarily pass by Utrecht Overvecht.
  • Travellers from Venlo and Helmond have the option of taking a direct Intercity train to Den Bosch and Utrecht, but travellers between Venlo and Den Haag will have to transfer in Eindhoven.
  • The travel time between Vlissingen and Rotterdam will be 4 to 6 minutes longer than before, because the Intercity from Zeeland to Amsterdam will wait longer in Roosendaal. This will shorten the travel time in the direction of Breda and Tilburg by 10 minutes.

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Changes per region

NS station name changes

  • Koog Bloemwijk will become Koog aan de Zaan
  • Koog Zaandijk will become Zaandijk Zaanse Schans

More information

We would be happy to help answer any questions you may have. Ask a question on the NS Service Forum or contact NS Customer Service at tel.: 030 - 751 51 55.