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Utrecht, ’t Gooi and Amersfoort

The new timetable for 2017 will go into effect on 11 December 2016. See what changes are in store for your region or plan your journey using the NS Travel Planner.

More Sprinters between Breukelen and Amsterdam Centraal

Four Sprinters per hour will run between Breukelen and Amsterdam Centraal, instead of two per hour. The Sprinter Rhenen - Breukelen will continue on to Amsterdam Centraal and Uitgeest, offering travellers more frequent direct connections.

More trains stop at Utrecht Leidsche Rijn

Four Sprinters per hour will stop at station Utrecht Leidsche Rijn, instead of two. Between Geldermalsen, Utrecht and Woerden a direct Sprinter will run every 15 minutes, with a brief stop at Utrecht Centraal. in order to facilitate this connection, the Sprinter Utrecht Centraal - Den Haag Centraal will stop for 8 minutes in Woerden. Travellers from Vleuten to Gouda Goverwelle, for example, can transfer to the Sprinter Breukelen - Rotterdam in Woerden.

Almere - Utrecht

The Sprinter between Almere and Utrecht will no longer continue on to Almere Parkwijk, Almere Buiten and Almere Oostvaarders. The travel time from those stations to Utrecht will remain about the same, thanks to a good connection at Almere Centrum.

The travel time from Utrecht to Almere will temporarily increase by five minutes, and the train will no longer stop at Utrecht Overvecht. Travellers between Utrecht Overvecht and het Gooi/Flevoland will have to make an extra transfer, with extra travel time. These changes are only temporary.

Venlo- Eindhoven - Utrecht Centraal - Schiphol

The Intercity Venlo - Eindhoven will continue on to Schiphol, instead of to Den Haag. This Intercity will be coupled and decoupled with the Intercity Heerlen - Schiphol (en vice versa) in Eindhoven. This will give travellers from Venlo, Helmond and Deurne a direct connection to ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Utrecht, Amsterdam Zuid and Schiphol. In Eindhoven, travellers will also be able to transfer to the Intercity Eindhoven - Den Haag on the other side of the platform. The Intercity Heerlen - Schiphol will not run in the evenings. Instead, travellers can take the Intercity Venlo - Eindhoven with the same timetable as during the day. This means that travellers to and from Den Haag will always have to transfer in Eindhoven.

Shorter transfers at Amersfoort

The transfer between the Sprinter Zwolle - Amersfoort and the Sprinter Amersfoort - Amsterdam will be shorter than before. So travellers between Harderwijk and het Gooi, for example, will arrive 14 minutes earlier. A train from Amersfoort to the wet will stop every 15 minutes at Amersfoort Vathorst.

New connections in Baarn

Due to the changes to the Sprinter service around Amersfoort, the Sprinter Utrecht - Soest will have a 15-minute connection in Baarn to the sprinter to and from Amersfoort and a 30-minute connection to the Sprinter to and from Hilversum.

Utrecht - ’s-Hertogenbosch

In ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Sprinters from Utrecht will no longer continue on in the direction of Tilburg. Travellers between Utrecht and Tilburg can transfer to the Sprinter to Dordrecht or the Intercity to Roosendaal in 's-Hertogenbosch.

Den Haag/Rotterdam - Amersfoort

The Intercity trains from Den Haag Centraal and Rotterdam Centraal in the direction of Amersfoort will no longer be coupled at Utrecht Centraal. This will allow these trains to be extended during peak periods. As a result, travellers to and from Rotterdam will have to transfer in Utrecht twice every hour, and a direct Intercity train will arrive from Rotterdam twice every hour. These changes to the timetable will increase the number of connections from Den Haag to Amersfoort from 2 to 4 every hour. Two direct Intercity trains will run from Amersfoort to Den Haag every hour, and passengers can transfer from the Intercity to Rotterdam to the Sprinter to Den Haag in Gouda twice per hour.

Evening and weekend service around Weesp

Two trains per hour will run between Hoofddorp, Schiphol, Amsterdam Zuid, Hilversum and Utrecht starting at 20:00. Travellers can transfer to other trains in Weesp and Hilversum. The Sprinter Utrecht - Hilversum will stop at all stations 2 times per hour, and once per hour it will continue on to Almere Centrum.

More trains in the evening between Utrecht Centraal - Eindhoven

The Intercity trains between Utrecht and Eindhoven will run every 15 minutes for one hour longer in the evenings.