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Fewer trains in the fall

Last modified: September 11, 2022 3:35 PM

Also in the fall and for the year 2023, due to the expected staff shortage, we are adjusting the timetable to make it more executable.

Obviously, we would prefer not to do this, but the situation leaves us no alternative.
In spite of all the efforts to solve the shortage of colleagues, the shortage remains considerable.
In the coming months, the train service will be gradually adjusted to the timetable of 2023.

The most important adjustments will take place as of 5 September:

  • On weekdays four Intercity trains per hour will run, instead of six as at present
  • The evening timetable starts at 20:00 instead of 22:00.
  • At weekends and in the evening hours Intercity and Sprinter trains run every half hour, instead of every 15 minutes as before.

Please, plan your trip in the journey planner.