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From 11 December, the 2023 timetable goes into effect. See what this means for you. And plan your door-to-door journey before departure with the Travel Planner

Plan your journey

From 11 December, the new timetable for 2023 will take effect. The main changes are: 

  • We extend more than 30% of trains
  • On Monday until Thurday between Eindhoven, Utrecht and Amsterdam there will be a train every 10 minutes again
  • Fewer and shorter trains on some quiet routes

With these adjustments, we offer more seats, but may still be crowded on some routes.

Adapted to new travel behaviour

Fewer passengers travel by train than before corona. People also travel on other days and times. With the new timetable, we take this into account. And we make a more reliable timetable, so you know where you stand. 

Longer trains at weekends

Especially on busy weekends, we run longer trains. This ensures 10% more seats on weekends. On Fridays, fewer trains run than on other weekdays, because there are also fewer passengers. 

  • See if anything changes for you

    More trains

    Monday until Thursday

    • Amsterdam Centraal - Eindhoven Centraal
    • During rush hour, two of the four Intercity's between Deventer en Amersfoort Centraal, go to Amsterdam Centraal instead of to Utrecht Centraal.

    During the weekend

    • Eindhoven Centraal - Sittard
    • Zwolle - Lelystad
    • Zwolle - Utrecht Centraal
    • Utrecht Centraal - Geldermalsen - Tiel / Den Bosch
    • Leiden Centraal - Haarlem


    • Zutphen - Arnhem
    • Nijmegen - Wijchen

    Less trains

    During off-peak hours

    • Utrecht Centraal - Den Haag Centraal
    • Schiphol - Lelystad
    • Arnhem - Nijmegen
    • Hoofddorp - Amsterdam Centraal

    Monday until Friday

    • Rotterdam Centraal - Breda (HSL)
    • Amersfoort Centraal - Utrecht Centraal


    • Utrecht Centraal - Den Haag Centraal
    • Schiphol - Lelystad

    During the weekend

    • Rotterdam Centraal - Breda (HSL)
    • Almere - Almere Oostvaarders
    • Haarlem - Amsterdam (geen rechtstreekse verbinding Amsterdam - Zandvoort meer)
    • Hoofddorp - Amsterdam Centraal
    • Nijmegen Centraal - Dordrecht
    • Eindhoven Centraal - Tilburg Universiteit

Keep improving

Meanwhile, we keep looking for new colleagues and other solutions to the staff shortage. This way, we reduce the risk of crowding and train cancellations. And we improve the timetable wherever possible.

Holiday timetable

From 27 December to 6 January, we operate a holiday timetable. During the Christmas holidays, fewer people travel by train. This means that we will run more or less the same timetable during the week as during the weekend. On each route, we will continue to run at least two trains per hour on weekdays during the day.

On New Year's Eve, as every year, there will be no trains after 20:00. Train service will resume on New Year's Day around 10:00 am. On the Rotterdam-Schiphol-Amsterdam-Utrecht night network, a train will run every hour from 01:00 on New Year's Day. And from 5:00 am every half hour.

Plan your journey in the NS app

Before you leave, plan your journey from door to door in the NS app. Because in the new timetable, trains sometimes leave from a different platform or at a different time than you are used to. You'll also see how your train connects to the bus, tram or metro.

In the app, we also indicate how busy we expect a train to be. And if you 'enable notifications' you will receive a push notification if a train is busier than expected, cancelled or delayed.