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New timetable

The new timetable has taken effect as of 12 December, with a number of improvements to our services. Find out what's changed for you.

Discover whether your trip has been improved

More trains and better connections

The new timetable has taken effect as of Sunday 12 December 2021 and entails a number of improvements on the railways. These include more trains, faster connections, and improved connections between many regions in the Netherlands.

For example, there will be two new ten-minute trains between Rotterdam and Nijmegen, via Schiphol. The first ten-minute sprinter from Dordrecht to Rotterdam will follow, and the number of trains per hour between Leiden and Utrecht and between Driebergen-Zeist and Breukelen is to increase.

Coronavirus measures

At the same time, fewer people are using the train in the evenings and at rush hour. Therefore, starting on 20 December, fewer night and rush-hour trains will be running temporarily on six routes. The regular night network, including the connection to Schiphol, will continue to operate as usual.

The usual evening timetable will soon be starting two hours earlier. For example, along 11 routes there will be fewer trains running after 6:30 pm; that is, where there were previously six trains running, now there will be only four after 6:30 pm. Where there were four trains running previously, that will become just two.

In the coming period, we will be monitoring passenger numbers closely and adjusting the deployment of trains accordingly.

The countries through which our trains travel have different agreements with respect to coronavirus measures that change regularly. We therefore recommend that international travellers always check the travel information provided by NS International and the current travel advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before departure.

These are the improvements

  • New ten-minute trains Rotterdam - Schiphol - Arnhem

    On weekdays, we will be starting ten-minute trains on the following routes:

    • Rotterdam - Delft - Den Haag - Leiden - Schiphol
    • Nijmegen - Arnhem - Ede-Wageningen - Utrecht - Schiphol

    There will be six intercity trains an hour on these routes, providing a much improved connection between cities.

  • First ten-minute Sprinter Rotterdam - Dordrecht

    The first ten-minute Sprinter in the Netherlands is set to run every ten minutes between Rotterdam and Dordrecht during the day. This is the first step towards achieving the NS goal of running a CitySprinter twelve times an hour and having it stop at more stations.

  • Improvements to the timetable in Noord-Holland

    In Hoorn the connections between trains and between train and bus will improve.

    The Intercity trains between Alkmaar and Haarlem will run in both directions during the morning and evening rush hours, giving passengers from Beverwijk, Castricum and Heiloo more travel options.

    The number of Sprinters between Uitgeest and Amsterdam Centraal will be doubled during the weekend, from two to four times an hour.

  • Shorter travel time to and from Zeeland

    The connections linking Zeeland with Noord-Brabant and the Randstad have been improved. One of the two hourly intercity trains only stops at major stations (Vlissingen, Middelburg, Goes), cutting the travel time to the Randstad by 15 minutes.

    Sprinter trains will now run between Vlissingen and Roosendaal twice an hour thanks to a new Sprinter connection.

  • More trains Leiden - Utrecht and Driebergen-Zeist - Breukelen

    More trains will run between Leiden and Utrecht in the morning and evening rush hours. The Sprinter between Leiden and Alphen aan den Rijn will continue to Woerden and Utrecht for most of the day, creating a direct connection between Leiden and Utrecht four times an hour during the rush hour.

    More Sprinters will run between Driebergen-Zeist and Breukelen during the off-peak hours and weekends, going up from two to four per hour.

  • Faster journey to the North

    Thanks to the construction of a new ProRail network between Meppel and Zwolle, the Leeuwarden - Meppel Sprinter now continues onwards to Zwolle. The Sprinter runs one to two minutes faster and improves the connection between Leeuwarden and Zwolle. This change came into effect on 6 September 2021.

  • International trains: Nightjet, IC Brussel & Thalys


    You can travel daily from Amsterdam in the evening thanks to a new Nightjet connection to Basel and Zurich. A night train from Zurich runs in the opposite direction, arriving in the Netherlands every morning.

    IC Brussels

    The IC Brussels runs every hour to and from Amsterdam Centraal, with the connection to Den Haag HS being cancelled. Travellers between The Hague and Brussels can take a faster alternative with a change in Breda or Rotterdam.


    In March, a Thalys service will resume between Amsterdam and Marne-la-Vallée-Chassy (Disneyland Paris) via Airport Charles de Gaulle.

With the new timetable coming into effect, departure and arrival times at some stations may change.

Check to see whether your journey has improved

If you would like to know whether anything changes for you, please check your route in the NS App or the Travel Planner.