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Crowd reports

The reports of crowded trains that we receive via the crowd reporter are analysed weekly.

Reporting overcrowding using the Travel planner Xtra app

Passengers can report overcrowding on the train in the Travel planner Xtra using the crowd reporter. You can use the crowd reporter to directly report the conditions on your train. We are expecting a rise in reports of overcrowding trains over the next few months due to the new crowd reporter. In addition, the number of reports could rise because multiple reports come from one train.

This is important for us, but of course also for you. The more serious reports we receive, the better our impression of train crowding levels and whether we are dealing with a one-off incident or a structural problem. We take action based on these reports and keep you informed of their status.

Daily list of reports

Have you reported overcrowding on your train and would you like to know whether other people have made a report? You can see this here 24 hours after you report. You can also see what the status of the investigation into your report is.

Weekly analysis of crowd reports

The reports of overcrowded trains that we receive are analysed weekly. We publish a list of the ten trains which have been reported the most.