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Bicycles, strollers or wheelchairs in the train

NS offers some limited capacity to bring your special bicycle, stroller or transport aid with you on the train.

Bicycle on the train

With a Bicycle day ticket, you are permitted to bring your bicycle/recumbent/racing bicycle or tandem with you in the designated area of the train. The following rules apply here:

  • You can bring your bicycle on weekdays between 09:00 and 16:00, and after 18:30. It is not permitted to bring your bicycle during rush hour due to limited space. During the weekend and in the months July and August, you may bring your bicycle into the train all day.
  • You can bring your bicycle along with you aboard all domestic NS trains and the Intercity direct.
  • In all cases, there must be sufficient space. Especially in the summer, it can get very busy in the train, and it is possible that you will not be allowed to bring your bicycle on board.
  • Always remove your luggage (panniers, etc.) from your bicycle, so that there will be space for other bicycles!
  • You may bring a folding bicycle with you on the train for no extra charge, even during rush hour.


You are permitted to bring strollers and prams onto the train, even during rush hour. Please try to avoid hindering other passengers. Strollers and prams are permitted in the Intercity direct if they fit in the luggage area (maximum dimensions 120 x 90 cm).

Mobility aids for disabled passengers

There is space on the train for mobility aids for disabled passengers.

Carrying luggage on the train

Make sure that your luggage does not hinder other passengers and place your luggage in the designated racks or under your seat.

When travelling in the Intercity direct, you may take 3 pieces of luggage with you, the largest dimensions of which must not exceed 85 cm. Skis are permitted if they fit in the luggage area (maximum dimensions 120 x 90 centimeter).