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New timetable

On this page, we report the most important changes and provide links to changes for each region. Not all changes are reported here! The Travel Planner shows all changes, so you should look up your new journeys. Remember to take week and weekend days into account.

Would you like more information? Post your question on the NS Service Forum or contact NS Customer Services at 030 - 751 51 55.

General information

More trains

More trains will be running from a large number of stations

Shorter travel time

Travel time will be shortened on several routes.

Less transfers

Several important destinations will have more direct connections.

Shorter waiting times at the station

Thanks to improved connections, you will not need to wait as long at several stations.

Pros and cons

Many passengers will have shorter journey times and more connections. However, as an inevitable consequence of these changes, some passengers will have less trains, longer journey times and/or additional transfers.

Changes per region

Would you like to read about the changes in your region? Click on the changes per province and the international changes below.

New stations

When the new timetable goes into effect, 3 new stations will open.

Other carriers: East Netherlands

When the new timetable comes into effect, other carriers will be running on the railways in East Netherlands.