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Changes to the timetable as of 5 February 2018

Certain changes to the timetable will go into effect starting on Monday, 5 February. At certain stations, the arrival and departure times will be adjusted by one minute. An overview of these changes is provided below. The new times are also available in the NS Travel Planner at ns.nl, or the Reisplanner Xtra app.

Restoration of early morning and evening connections in Geldermalsen

In the early mornings and evenings, the Sprinter Tiel-Geldermalsen will depart two minutes earlier, and the Sprinter ’s-Hertogenbosch-Geldermalsen will depart one minute earlier. This will restore the connection between Tiel and ’s-Hertogenbosch in both directions.

Intercity Amsterdam-Brussels stops at station Dordrecht at 13:23

The Intercity Amsterdam-Brussels will once again stop in Dordrecht at 13:23. This train could not stop at the station from December 2017 due to scheduling conflicts with a cargo train. The Sprinter Dordrecht-Roosendaal will depart at 13:18 instead of 13:23 for the same reason.

Nachtnet trains between Rotterdam Centraal-Den Haag HS

Due to engineering work on platform 1 at Rotterdam Centraal, fewer tracks are available for these trains. Some Nachtnet trains will therefore depart Rotterdam Centraal and Den Haag HS two minutes later than before.

Earlier Sprinter Hoofddorp – Hoorn Kersenboogerd

An extra Sprinter will run from Hoofddorp to Hoorn Kersenboogerd. This train will depart Hoofddorp at 05:40 from Monday to Friday, and at 06:40 on Saturday and Sunday.

Faster early Intercity Amsterdam Centraal-Enkhuizen at the weekend

On Saturdays and Sundays, the first Intercity between Amsterdam Sloterdijk and Enkhuizen currently stops at all stations along the route. The addition of the extra Sprinter eliminates the need for these stops, and the Intercity can reach the final destination faster. The departure time from Amsterdam Centraal will remain 07:23, but the arrival time in Enkhuizen will be moved up to 08:22 from 08:34.

Earlier Sprinter Meppel-Leeuwarden on Saturday

On Saturdays, an extra Sprinter will run from Meppel to Leeuwarden at 07:21.

First Intercity Zwolle-Leeuwarden on Saturday

The first Intercity from Zwolle to Leeuwarden on Saturday (train number ) will stop at all stations along the route. The departure time in Zwolle will remain 06:48, but the train will arrive in Leeuwarden at 07:52 instead of 07:44.

Extra stops  for early Intercity Zwolle-Leeuwarden on weekdays

From Monday to Friday, the 06:18 Intercity Zwolle-Leeuwarden will also stop at all stations along the route. The train will arrive in Leeuwarden at 07:24 instead of 07:15.

Improved connections at ’s-Hertogenbosch in early mornings and evenings

In the early mornings and evenings, the Intercity from Tilburg to Nijmegen will depart from station ’s-Hertogenbosch at platform 3 instead of platform 1. This will make it possible to transfer to the Intercity to Utrecht Centraal, allowing travellers to reach their destinations 30 minutes earlier.

Restoration of Haarlem Sprinter connection between Leiden and Zandvoort

The Sprinter Zandvoort-Amsterdam Centraal will depart one minute earlier. This will restore the connection to the Intercity in the direction of Leiden Centraal.