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Read more about the changes in the new timetable for each province.

Other regional railway carrier East Netherlands

The train service Zwolle-Kampen will be taken over by Keolis Nederland (previously Syntus). The new Zwolle station will be opened on this route.

The train service Zwolle - Enschede will also be taken over by Keolis Nederland. On this route, the new express train Raalte - Enschede will be introduced.

The Keolis Nederland trains on the Zwolle - Kampen, Zwolle - Enschede and Zutphen - Oldenzaal routes and the Arriva trains on the Zwolle - Emmen and Almelo -Mariënberg routes will run under the new brand name Blauwnet. All season tickets and NS tickets will be usable on Blauwnet trains. Please remember to check in and out with the right carrier. You can find more information about travelling with Blauwnet at overijssel.nl/blauwnet.

Cancelled early connections

On working days, the early Intercity from Utrecht Centraal to Nijmegen at 6.09 will be cancelled. There will still be an Intercity at 5.54 and 6.24.

Extra Intercity‘s in the early morning and the evening

In the early morning and in the evening, four Intercity’s will run between Amsterdam Centraal / Schiphol Airport and Eindhoven / Nijmegen roughly every quarter hour, with transfer options at Utrecht Centraal. In order to make this possible, the Intercity Enkhuizen-Eindhoven will run to and from Maastricht instead of Heerlen and the departure times between Hoorn and Eindhoven will differ from those used during the day.

From Monday to Friday this quarter hour service will run for longer from Utrecht Centraal to Eindhoven (until 23.10 departure), to Nijmegen (until 22.54 departure) and to Schiphol Airport (until 21.25 departure) and from Schiphol Airport to Utrecht Centraal (until 22.18 departure). After that, a half-hourly service will take over. On Sunday, the quarter hour service from Eindhoven to Utrecht Centraal will run for an extra hour (until 22.03 departure).

On Sunday, the direct Intercity Schiphol Airport - Utrecht Centraal - Nijmegen in both directions will start 2 hours earlier (first departure 8.58 from Nijmegen and 10.00 from Schiphol Airport) and will run for one hour longer to Schiphol Airport (until 21.28 departure from Nijmegen). In this way, the quarter hour service between Schiphol Airport and Utrecht Centraal and between Utrecht Centraal and Nijmegen will be provided for longer.

Extra Sprinters in the evening

Late in the evening, 2 extra Sprinters will run between Geldermalsen and ’s-Hertogenbosch in both directions. As a result, there will be a Sprinter running between Utrecht Centraal and ‘s-Hertogenbosch twice hourly all evening until 0.00.

Changes to Sprinters

The Sprinter Arnhem - ’s-Hertogenbosch will continue on to Tilburg, Breda and Dordrecht and therefore no longer to Eindhoven, Helmond and Deurne.

The Sprinter Deurne - ’s-Hertogenbosch will be 7 minutes faster between Eindhoven and ’s-Hertogenbosch. As a result, the transfer times to the Sprinters and Intercity’s to Nijmegen, Geldermalsen and Tilburg will change. On working days during rush hour, this Sprinter will continue on to Oss In the morning rush hour, this Sprinter from Oss to ’s-Hertogenbosch will also stop in Oss West, Rosmalen and ’s-Hertogenbosch Oost. When heading towards Oss, this Sprinter will not stop at these stations. In the evening rush hour, when heading towards Oss this Sprinter will stop at these stations but will not when heading from Oss to ’s-Hertogenbosch.

Changes to departure times during rush hour

  • On working days during rush hour, the Sprinter Apeldoorn - Almelo - Enschede will have to wait at the platform in Almelo for 13 minutes once per hour before continuing on to Enschede. In the other direction, this wait will be 6 minutes. If you are travelling to Hengelo or Enschede stations, then you will be able to make a transfer in Almelo onto the new Blauwnet express train Raalte - Almelo - Enschede and vice versa. For the same reason, the Intercity from Schiphol Airport to Enschede will take 2 minutes longer between Almelo and Enschede.

    Changed times

    Almost all departure and transfer times around Tiel and Geldermalsen will change:

    • The transfer from the Arriva-trains from Arnhem onto the Sprinters to Geldermalsen in Tiel will take 19 minutes longer. In the other direction, the transfer time will be 18 minutes longer.
    • The travel time from Utrecht Centraal to Tiel and Tiel Passewaaij will increase by 6 minutes. In the other direction, the travel time will increase by 5 minutes. This is because the Sprinter will stop in Geldermalsen for longer.
    • The transfer from the Sprinter from Tiel on to the Sprinter to ’s-Hertogenbosch in Geldermalsen will be 16 minutes shorter. In the other direction, the transfer time will be 15 minutes shorter.
    • The transfer from the Sprinter from ’s-Hertogenbosch on to the Arriva-train to Dordrecht in Geldermalsen will be 26 minutes shorter. In the other direction, the transfer time will be 4 minutes longer.
    • The transfer from the Arriva-train from Dordrecht on to the Sprinter to Tiel in Geldermalsen will be 18 minutes shorter. In the other direction, the transfer time will be 11 minutes longer.

    Engineering works in Germany

    In 2018, large-scale engineering work is starting on the German part of the ICE Amsterdam - Keulen - Frankfurt. For this reason, the ICE will regularly be diverted and/or take longer.