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NS-Business Card

If you are a business traveller with an NS-Business Card, then the NS app offers even more functionalities.

Functionalities for business travellers

  • correct a forgotten check out that has been billed to your monthly invoice;
  • change travel classes;
  • view your journeys and transactions;
  • add and edit characteristics;
  • order a taxi or a Greenwheels car (you need an active Greenwheels account to do this);
  • view locations of Q-Park P+R car parks and see how busy they are.

When you have the NS-app installed, you only have to log in 1 x using the login details for Mijn NS Zakelijk. To do this, open the app and select 'Mijn NS-account' in the menu. Then select NS-Business Card and use the login details for Mijn NS Zakelijk.