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Amsterdam Amstel

The area around Amsterdam Amstel station is a vital traffic junction. Every day, cars, buses, bicycles, pedestrians, trams, and trains come and go, and the number of road users and travellers is constantly growing. The City of Amsterdam is therefore working on a renovation of the public space in the area together with ProRail, the Transit Authority Amsterdam, and NS Stations. The station has already received a new bus station and a new tram platform with a rail loop for the trams, and the builders are hard at work on the new bicycle storage facility underneath the station.

Platform renovations

In order to improve the accessibility of the tram platform, a new stairway will be added to platform 1. Both platforms will receive new furnishings and new transfer blocks with clear transfer information. The platforms will also be marked where the doors open when the tram stops at the platform, to make it easier for travellers to board the tram. And finally, the platforms and their surroundings will receive a new coat of paint and new windows in the roof. 

Station hall renovations

The retail spaces in the monumental station hall will be renovated to create a uniform appearance and give the station hall its old allure. A stairway will also be realised from the station hall to the new bicycle storage facility. This will require some of the shops in the hall to be moved around to make room for the new stairway. 

Bicycle Storage

The station does not have enough space to store bicycles, so extra bicycle parking will be provided by a major expansion of the existing underground bicycle storage facility on the east side of the station. Extra bicycle storage spaces will also be added to the west side of the station. 

New station plaza

Consolidating the road lanes, moving the tram loop to the side of the station, and the construction of the underground bicycle storage facility will make room for a new layout of the public space around the station. More walking paths, improved bike paths, and sufficient bicycle storage will encourage people to travel by bicycle. Naturally, it will still be possible to bring people to and from the station by car. The tram and bus stations have already been renovated, and new awnings and shorter walks between the stations will create an attractive transfer option. Together, these changes will result in a new, easy-to-navigate station plaza.

More information

See the City of Amsterdam's ideas and current schedule for the project in the Definitive Amstel Station Layout Design document.