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Den Haag HS

Station Den Haag Hollands Spoor is currently undergoing a major expansion. The tunnel from the station hall will be extended to the Laakhaven side of the station, where a new station entrance will be realised featuring a spacious plaza and a large bicycle storage facility. The renovated Den Haag Hollands Spoor station is expected to open in the summer of 2020.

Engineering work

The Hague's oldest railway station will soon feature a fully serviceable entrance on the Laakhaven side, with a spacious station plaza and 800 square meters of retail and hospitality industry space. To facilitate these new additions, the current tunnel under the rails will be extended to Laakhaven. In addition to the new station entrance, shops and traveller passageway, a new bicycle storage facility will also be realised with capacity for 2,500 bicycles. NS Stations will furnish and exploit the new retail spaces, and the City of The Hague will be responsible for the layout of the new station plaza, which will also feature high-quality tram stops. The connection to the city centre will be upgraded to better serve pedestrians and cyclists. The Mayor of The Hague officially opened main station plaza on the city centre side in early 2018.

The upgrades to station Den Haag HS are necessary because more and more businesses and institutions have moved to the area behind the station over the past few years, and the flow of travellers from that side has increased accordingly. The building work began in April 2017.


NS, the City of The Hague and ProRail are investing in the station and its surroundings to provide a clean, pleasant and safe station zone. The investments are intended to create a lively area with a focus on the traveller and The Hague's student community. One of the reasons behind the project is the need for a fully serviceable entrance to station Hollands Spoor on the Laakhaven side of the station, and for more space to store bicycles.