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Den Haag HS

Den Haag Hollands Spoor station is getting a new entrance with shops and a square on the Laakhaven side. As part of this project, the existing passenger route is being extended to the Laakzijde.

Engineering works

The long passageway will be extended under the tracks and along the Globe office building. Builders are also hard at work on a new bicycle storage facility next to the new station entrance and the traveller passageway. The new bicycle storage facility on the roof of the entrance will offer space for 2,500 bicycles. NS Stations will furnish and operate the new shops, and the city will be responsible for the layout of the new city square. In addition to a new entrance on the Laak side of the station, the city is also working on a new station plaza, with high-quality tram stops. The connection to the city centre for cyclists and pedestrians will also receive an upgrade.


The project will be completed in three phases:

  1. Building and connecting the new traveller's tunnel.
  2. Building the shops, a parking roof for 2,500 bicycles, OV-chipkaart gates, and finishing the Hoge Waldorpstraat viaduct.
  3. Construction of the new station plaza on the Laak side.

The 1st phase of the project is virtually complete. in 2018, builders began driving the piles for the 2nd phase of the project: the shops and the bicycle storage facility.


The City of The Hague has commissioned the renovation work. ProRail and NS have made financial contributions, granted temporary use of the land, and will schedule a period without rail service to facilitate the work.