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Redevelopment of Driebergen Zeist station

Traffic at the rail crossing, crowded bicycle storage facilities, and a shortage of parking, will all be a thing of the past by 2020. In early 2017, builders began working on the metamorphosis of the area around Driebergen-Zeist station.

Engineering work

  • The Hoofdstraat will be widened and will continue under the rails, replacing the rail crossing at the Odijkerweg.
  • The station plaza will continue under the rails, eliminating any unsafe situations where pedestrians try to run across the rails to catch their train.
  • The new station will include a new bus station for local and regional buses. The new plan also takes cyclists into consideration: a bicycle storage facility under the station with space for 3,000 bicycles will enable cyclists to park their bicycles in a safe and dry environment. Cyclists will also have their own bike path, allowing them to pass through the station area in safety.
  • The number of tracks will be expanded from three to four, and a wide platform for Sprinters will be built in the middle. A new section of track will also allow Intercity trains to pass the Sprinters.
  • A new parking garage with space for 600 cars has also been built, offering train passengers a convenient, safe, and dry place to park close to the station. 


The project includes several sustainability measures. We will reduce energy consumption, utilise re-used and sustainable materials, and are virtually energy-neutral, thanks to solar panels installed on the platform awnings and the roof of the parking garage.


Driebergen-Zeist is a partnership by the Province of Utrecht, the Municipality of Utrechtse Heuvelrug, the City of Zeist, NS, and ProRail. The Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment is the main financier of the project.

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