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Over the next few years, the City of Gouda, ProRail, and NS will join together to work on the transformation of the area to the south of the station through the construction of two bicycle storage facilities, more space for cyclists and public transport, wider pavements, good pedestrian routes to the city centre, and green and sustainable furnishings. This project was made possible with financial support from the Province of South Holland. The renovation of the station, the construction of the bicycle storage facility, and the layout of the outdoor areas are projected to be complete by 2022.

Summary of the plans

  • The addition of two new bicycle storage facilities and the expansion of the existing self-service storage cellar will offer space for 3,150 bicycles.
  • A new bus island will provide travellers with more comfort and less confusion.
  • New layout of the area between the Van Bergen IJzendoornpark and the Kleiwegplein, with more space for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • A 'half kink' in the flow of traffic past the station will help reduce traffic in the area.
  • More vegetation and attention to sustainability; the historic plane trees will remain where they are.
  • The station building will be refurbished and bicycles will no longer be parked at random around the station plaza.