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The 'Over het Spoor' memorandum describes the ambition to develop the station in Maastricht into an international junction, address the barrier that the railway zone presents in the city, and develop the eastern side into a second front entrance. The memorandum is the result of a study conducted by NS, ProRail, Maastricht Bereikbaar, the Province of Limburg, Projectbureau A2 Maastricht and the City of Maastrict. The official opening of the renovated station is scheduled for September 2020. Once the occupants and facilities in the station building have been determined, the parties will have to think about the layout of the public square at the entrance.

2018 - underground bicycle storage and remodeling

The area around the station in Maastricht is constantly changing. On 1 January 2018, the underground bicycle storage facility was opened, and the renovation of the Stationstraat began in the spring of that year. Wider pavements now provide space for sidewalk cafés, and a bus platform has been added to make the bus station less confusing and more user-friendly, while creating a more spacious public square.

2019 - international bus station

Since 2016, the Kiss+Ride parking drive on the Meerssenerweg, on the east side of the station, has been used as a bus stop for international buses operated by Flix-, IC and KLM bussen. This space offered little room for buses and insufficient facilities for travellers, so the decision was taken to build a new bus station at another location on the Meerssenerweg. The bus station on the Meerssenerweg has therefore been moved a bit to the north, towards the former ProRail ranging yard. The new bus station opened in January 2020.

2019 - development of the station building and indoor scooter storage

NS aims to renovate the station building and re-zone some of its space. The work started in early 2019. The northern section will remain allocated for functions pertaining to travellers and train crews. For example, the services offered by NS Reizigers have already moved from the ground floor to new spaces on the 1st floor above the passageway. The space freed up by this move will be furnished as a Grand Café. In the southern section, NS has submitted a hotel initiative. Monumental elements of Station Maastricht will be restored, including an old mural (Schoonbrood, 1969) on the wall of the AH to go and an old fountain in the walls of the GWK Travelex office.

2019 - developments for transfers at station Maastricht

ProRail is responsible for transfers at stations, including the station hall, lifts, stairways, platforms, traveller information, passageways and waiting facilities. ProRail is closely involved in NS' plans regarding the transfer functions. The current passageway is dated and anything but attractive. In coordination with the Stad en Spoor partners, a capacity study has been conducted, and the results of the study will provide input for the further efforts in the 'Stad en Spoor approach'.