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In the future, station Naarden-Bussum is expected to serve increasing numbers of travellers. This will require some changes to the rails, the station and the station area. A major priority is the retention of the architectural and cultural value of the station building and the safety of the railway network.

Changes to the railway network

In the summer of 2019, the railways around station Naarden-Bussum were reduced from 5 tracks to 2, and the switches were removed. This allows trains to pass by faster and more safely, reduces the likelihood of disruptions and results in a different pattern of arrivals and departures at the station. The curve between Naarden-Bussum and the Naardermeer lake has also been expanded to allow more trains to run along the route per day.

Reducing the number of tracks from five to two has created new patterns of foot traffic and use of the station and platforms. This will require changes to the station, the platforms and the walking routes through the area. This project will involve an intensive partnership between ProRail, the Municipality of Gooische Meren and NS Stations.

Removing three tracks has created extra space to the west of the station. This western side will be redeveloped to provide a new entrance, a new P+R facility and extra parking for bicycles. 

The partners will invest in the restoration of the monumental station building, and will look for new functions for several vacant spaces to make the station area a more lively and pleasant place to be.

The Municipality of Gooise Meren publishes a newsletter to keep stakeholders informed of the progress of the work. To sign up for the newsletter, please visit