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Rotterdam Alexander

The renovation project around station Rotterdam Alexander is a collaborative effort by RET, NS Stations, NS Reizigers, ProRail, the City of Rotterdam, the metropolitan region Rotterdam The Hague, and the Verkeersonderneming. The goal of the work is to make optimal use of the potential offered by the public transport junction and to transform the station into a modern, multi-modal public transport junction with a focus on the traveller's needs.

Improved transfers between train and metro

The new station will optimise the transfer options between train and metro. Extending the metro platforms into the station building and having the metros stop directly in the station hall will significantly reduce the walking distances to the train and to other transfer connections, such as the bus, P+R, Kiss+Ride and bicycle storage facilities. Waiting on metro platforms will become more comfortable thanks to shelter from the rain and wind. A separate bypass between the train platform and the metro platform in the direction of Rotterdam Centraal will also be provided, which will significantly reduce the transfer time and make transfers safer, as travellers will no longer have to cross the metro line. All of these measures will make the station more convenient for travellers. The transformation will make the public transport junction an attractive alternative to motorists sitting in traffic.

Renovated station hall

In the new station hall, there will be no differentiation between the metro and train domains. The station hall will be the place where all travellers can prepare for their journey to their destinations. The traveller flows will be combined to provide more social safety. Adding shops to the station will also increase the supervision of the station during the evening hours. The transparent facade with a lively strip of facilities along the ground floor will also make it a more pleasant place to see and be seen. The lifts will also be moved and glazed to provide a view of the platforms. The transfer area on the platforms will also be expanded to better facilitate traveller flows in the future.

The entire station is expected to be complete by the spring of 2020.