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Zaanstad is growing; the roads and trains are often crowded, and more and more people want to move to the city. So Zaanstad will need more and better housing, transport connections, and facilities - for Zaankanters and newcomers alike. That growth presents the city with new opportunities to improve the quality of the area for living, working, relaxing, learning, tourism, or sustainability. Opportunities to make Zaanstad more lively and livable. To that end, the municipal government began the MAAK.Zaanstad project in 2015.

Park of the MAAK.Zaanstad project involves the improvement and development of a lively, safe, and accessible city centre. The area around the station is a vital element of that work. 

Upper level

The City of Zaanstad, NS Stations, and ProRail are adding another level above the platforms at Zaandam station. The upper level will feature a transfer for pedestrians and cyclists to connect the city centre with the west of the city. It will also include shops and facilities to make it a pleasant place to spend time.

Bicycle Storage

A new bicycle storage facility has been realised on the Houtveldweg, with space for approx. 1,400 bicycles. The bicycle storage facility is now located along the 'De Slinger' bike path, which connects the Houtveldweg to the Stadhuisplein over the station's upper level. 

Modernising the station hall

In addition to the new upper level at the station, the station hall has a new entrance and the hall has been renovated to meet travellers' contemporary needs. 


The realisation of the station's new upper level was made possible by a constructive partnership of ProRail, NS Stations, Zaanstad and the Transport Authority Amsterdam. By linking fields of expertise in the areas of rail transport, technology, and urban planning, the partners can ensure the best quality for the project and the city. The station upper level, the bicycle storage facility, and the new station hall should be complete in April 2020.