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Zwolle station district is to be become an attractive and bustling place that forms a logical connection with the city centre. The area is Zwolle's transport artery, whereby proper accessibility of the city and the region play a central role. Soon, transport by bus, train, bicycle, car or foot will all connect seamlessly. Thanks to the areas location, there is space for it to serve various functions. For example, a blend of culture, education, living and working.

Work in the rail zone

Approximately 35,000 passengers board, embark or transfer at Zwolle station every day. In 2021, that number is expected to rise to 55,000. This increase demands major adjustments to the station. With its new passenger tunnel and a fourth platform, the station is prepared for more passengers. In 2021, 55,000 passengers are expected. In order to allow all of these passengers to travel comfortably, even more changes will be required.


One new bus platform will be constructed on the south side of the station for all city and regional buses. This platform, just like the train platforms, is accessible from the new tunnel. This will make transfers from bus to train, and vice versa, much easier. Buses from the north and west can quickly reach the platform via a new bridge over the tracks.

New bicycle storage areas are also being constructed. The Hanzelaan and the Oosterlaan will have additional racks, and from 2020 a new underground storage area will be available under the station square. Two new, easily recognisable entrances are being built, and the south side will also have an attractive station square.

In the coming years, the Municipality of Zwolle will be working with ProRail, NS and the Province of Overijssel on the further improvement of the station towards being a functional public transport hub, where passengers and residents feel at home.

More information

Curious about future developments in the Zwolle rail zone? At www.zwolle.nl/rondleidingspoorzone you can take a virtual stroll around the station district. If you would like to be kept informed about developments in the Zwolle rail zone, then register for the newsletter at spoorzone@zwolle.nl or go to www.zwolle.nl/spoorzone